ICE Stalling On More FOIA Requests Concerning Domain Name Seizures

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We recently noted that Homeland Security’s ICE group appeared to be stalling in responding to a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request from Michael Robertson’s NakedGovernment. It turns out that’s not the only such request it’s been stalling on. The folks over at Muckrock (who helped us with our own FOIA requests), alert us to the news that Aaron Swartz, the director of Demand Progress (the organization that the MPAA has been trying to smear with false accusations), filed a similar FOIA request at about the same time. There were apparently some issues with it, but those issues were resolved in February… and since then, not a peep out of ICE.

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Comments on “ICE Stalling On More FOIA Requests Concerning Domain Name Seizures”

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Josh in CharlotteNC (profile) says:


which are part of ongoing criminal cases.

Do you have a different definition of “ongoing” than the rest of the universe?

An ongoing criminal case would imply either that criminal charges have been filed, or that an investigation is still underway.

The first round of domain seizures was more than 6 months ago. Are they really still investigating those sites, because charges sure as heck haven’t been filed.

It would be incredibly stupid to think otherwise.

It would be incredibly naive to think this is anything other than an attempt by ICE to hope the problem will just go away if they don’t talk about it so they can keep on seizing sites at the behest of private interests without worrying about due process of law.

Anonymous Coward says:

How come no one noticed that it’s the entire gov, not just ICE, acting this way?

They make claims, offer no evidence or glimpse of information, and when challenged, simply ignore.

And people think that suing them will change anything? It’s a good lol. Who runs those courts? The same corrupt government making tons of propaganda campaigns, such as ICE, DHS, The US Army (not the brightest people out there those US Army people…, I have proof too) and then they expect to be taken seriously and wonder why they’re hated everywhere in the world?

Ah well… pointless to even write here, 90% of United-statesians that can’t open their eyes to the oppressing regime in place in their own country.

Any Mouse (profile) says:


And THAT, dear readers, is what we’ve all been complaining about. They don’t need to show cause or actually file charges, just get a judge’s rubber stamp, and then let it mold away in the filing cabinet. What does this really accomplish, though? Other than pissing off a bunch of foreign nationals and making the United States look like more of a douche than Hitler’s Third Reich?

Chris in Utah (profile) says:


Speaking about the 90% I just had a week long discussion with my mother via FB about the red herring/distraction debate on immigration after posting the a RTR news cast on the marine’s honor parade. How it came up still blows my mind and the conversation stopped rather came to any meaningful conclusion.

By the people & for it? ignore your surroundings at your peril.

Anonymous Coward says:


Not at all. I think the government however is using the legal system within it’s limits, and it’s the people who were doing very questionable things that are just not showing up and going to court to ask the government to show cause, which would be their right.

I think there are some here (including yourself) that are upset that the law doesn’t move at internet speed. I think now you are starting to feel what the music and movie people have felt for years, that the speed of the court system is way to slow to deal with internet related issues.

It really sucks when your side is suffering because of it, rather than winning because of it.

Josh in CharlotteNC (profile) says:


There is no legal requirement for them to show cause or move with charges unless someone pushes the issue. The case can stay open for years.

And you don’t see this as a massive abuse of due process?

You seem to have no problem with the government seizing a business under questionable interpretations of the law, giving the owners no recourse or information on who to talk to resolve it, and not filing charges for years.

What if you were a lawyer and it was your firm they seized?

that the speed of the court system is way to slow to deal with internet related issues.

The. Government. Has. Not. Yet. Filed. Criminal. Charges.

Other than the rubber-stamped warrant, and the just now filed lawsuit, the court system was not involved. So saying that it is too slow is disingenuous.

I’m pissed off because the government is trampling people’s rights at the behest of private corporations. If you want to give up your rights, you can, but you better expect those of us who care about them to resist in every manner possible.

DannyB (profile) says:


> ongoing criminal cases

Who are you kidding?

Ongoing criminal cases would suggest some sort of due process.

Due process would require the use of the courts, a complaint served upon the party accused, and a chance to be represented and respond.

Nope. No “ongoing criminal case” here. Not even a “case”. Do you have a docket number for this “case” ?

Oh, I see. It must be classified. National security and terrorists, you know. Don’t want them to learn state secrets.

Anonymous Coward says:


and it’s the people who were doing very questionable things that are just not showing up and going to court to ask the government to show cause, which would be their right.

Hah! That’s rich! Taking the government to court requires a LOT more than just “showing up” and you know it. It requires quite a bit of money, too. So, unless you’re offering to pay all of their legal expenses for them, I suggest you keep your dishonest claims to yourself, freaking industry troll.

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