From Two Nude Nuns Mass BitTorrent Lawsuits Down To None

from the nude-nuns-and-bittorrent-lawsuits-don't-mix dept

Back in April, we wrote about the bizarre situation involving one of the many mass copyright infringement lawsuits out there, where the supposed copyright holder, Camelot Distribution Group, for the B-movie Nude Nuns With Big Guns, sued 5,865 alleged file sharers of the film. But what made the story interesting was that Camelot was in the middle of being sued by an investment firm, Incentive Capital, which had loaned Camelot money to buy the film. Incentive claimed that Camelot hadn’t paid back the loan, and had supposedly foreclosed on the film itself — meaning that Camelot didn’t actually hold the copyright any more. Of course, for no good reason at all, Incentive then decided to copy Camelot’s lawsuit and sue the same 5,865 users.

Thankfully, the court (like so many courts dealing with these lawsuits) questioned the reasonableness of lumping together so many defendants, and appointed the EFF to represent the still anonymous defendants. That resulted in Camelot dropping the lawsuit in May and Incentive dropping its copycat lawsuit last week. And so we’ve gone from two separate lawsuits over the movie down to none.

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Comments on “From Two Nude Nuns Mass BitTorrent Lawsuits Down To None”

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DannyB (profile) says:


Who says anyone actually torrented it.

Accusing 5,865 IP addresses to shake down and start the extortion process doesn’t mean anyone actually is interested in their “movie”.

Accusation is all that is required. Not proof. Not due process.

The opposite, in fact. Like cockroaches scurrying for darkness, these things tend to just evaporate, as in this case, as soon as a bright light is shined on it.

Jesse Townley (profile) says:


… the movie’s surprisingly good! I bought an overseas copy (thank you all-region DVD player!) and it’s a keeper. I’ve seen a lot of atrocious, intentionally “bad” films and it’s much much better than 99% of them.

Of course, I like a lot of questionable films. Death Race 2000, the Dead Or Alive series, and the Scorpion series w/ Meiko Kaji are all faves.

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