Status Quo

from the why-yes,-actually,-we-have-considered-that-already dept

Yes, I have heard it

Every argument
I ever hear anymore
Goes just like this one

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Comments on “Status Quo”

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Call me Al says:


“status quo means its the same standing still not moving forward or backward just keeping things as they have been for years. Do we want to stand still or move forward?”

I don’t think I agree with you there. It is not a comment on progress but rather a comment on change. Status quo basically means the existing state of affairs… it is essentially a point in time and we decided whether or not we approve of that point of time and want to maintain it or change from it. Whether that change is “moving forward or backward” is largely subjective but any major change will move the status quo to a new point in time.

Anonymous Coward says:

Interesting fact about filmmakers that balk about getting licenses for material they want to use in their movies:

It isn’t the licenses that are holding these people back, it’s that these “artists” do not want to have any partners who might share in the profit. So then these “artists” try to blame the rightsholders for holding them back.

What a sick, twisted con.

nasch (profile) says:


I don’t think I agree with you there.

Yes, you actually do agree with him. 🙂 He said “status quo means… keeping things as they have been.” And you said “Status quo basically means the existing state of affairs.”

It is not a comment on progress but rather a comment on change.

You can have change without progress, but you can’t have progress without change.

Major says:

I hope i wont get sued over this

G Thompson :”Brilliant as always Nina, though I must be old I kept thinking of Status Quo.. the Band! Now can’t get them outa my head!”

The eejit: “It clearly needs a more death-metal twist.”

This two sentence and Nina’s picture went in the melting pot, then something flahed through what’s left of my brain.
And i ended up making THAT.
And no i can’t do any better…

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