French Government Creates Its Own Giant Patent Troll

from the state-sponsored-patent-trolling dept

It may seem like we’ve been particularly tough on the French government lately, but it keeps doing ridiculous things. The latest, as written up by Guillaume Champeau, is that it has built its own giant patent trolling operation, funded with €100 million (Google translation from the original French). The operation, called “France Brevets” or “France Patents,” will buy up patents from small operations and put the French government in charge of “licensing” (read: shaking down companies for money). Think of it as Intellectual Ventures, but run by the French government.

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Comments on “French Government Creates Its Own Giant Patent Troll”

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Jimr (profile) says:

1. Get government grant to do research
2. Patent government sponsored research as a patent
3. Get government tax break to attempt using it in a business model.
4. After for government bail out when business fails.
5. Sell patent to government
6. Profit, profit and more profit!

Yep privatize profits all around at the expense of the tax payer. I thought this business model was already patented by every US business.

N W Karels (profile) says:


HothMonster sayeth: “thankfully stoning is still in the public domain.”

Well, killing someone with stones is not patented, but you’ll either need to do it in private, or via slingshots, as I own the Publishing/Public Performance rights to the act of stone throwing. Everytime you see a West Bank kid tossing rocks at an Israeli soldier on teevee, I make money!

FuzzyDuck says:

Missing the real story

I don’t fear much patent trolling as the usual French government incompetence suggests this is going to be one other big money sink for the French taxpayer.

What this French government project is more likely to be about is giving tax-payer funded support to French companies, in guise of buying patents.

Most likely the patents will be worthless and bought for too high a price, so as to effectively subsidize French companies.

anon C says:

we could use this here

1 they are only buying patents from small biz

2 if you dont have an army of lawyers to protect your patents then big corp will just rape your IP, not caring if its illegal

3 if you could use govt resources to litigate, as a regular person (corporations need not apply, they are not people), you could make a deal with the govt to get back what is rightfully yours

this would help level the playing field a lot

Andrew Watson (user link) says:

French sovereign troll fund

Or think of it as a creative way to create new revenues for the French state. Better or worse than dregulating online gaming? When you’ve got a billion dollar war to fight, a region in financial crisis, Greeks, Irish and others to bail out and continue to bail out and a shrinking economy, and a quite superlative engineering history, why is this so heinous? Its not the fault of the French government that the troll model can exist and grow to scale, particularly in the US, is it?

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