The Rise Of 3D, For Better Or For Worse

from the 3D-me dept

A few months ago, we ran an experiment with SAYMedia for a more conversational “engagement” type of advertisment, and we’re running another such experiment over the next few days. Beneath this post and also on the front page of Techdirt we have an ad unit, from Sprint, asking people their thoughts on the rise of “3D.” I’ve said before (and I say in my response) that I think that Hollywood has become too obsessed with 3D, but as a technology it really does have something to offer. The trick is going to be for people to really learn how to use it wisely. If you have any thoughts, feel free to answer them via the ad unit beneath this post (we’re shutting off comments on this post to drive the discussion into the ad unit). Update: Apparently the ad is appearing intermittently, rather than all the time… apologies for that. We’re working on it.

Obviously, this ad unit comes from Sprint, so this post is effectively sponsored by Sprint.

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