Courtney Love Sued Yet Again For Twitter-Based Defamation

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A couple years ago, singer Courtney Love made a lot of news for being one of the first people sued for defamation for comments made via Twitter. While Love’s lawyers had toyed with a “Twitter-made-me-do-it” defense, she eventually paid a rather stunning $430,000 settlement. I would guess that large settlement number has something to do with someone else deciding that some nasty comments from Love on Twitter rose to the level of defamation. Apparently Love’s former attorney Rhonda Holmes is now suing her for defamation via Twitter due to Love’s tweet:

I was fucking devastated (sic) when Rhonda J Holmes Esq of San Diego was bought off […]”

The backstory, apparently, is that Holmes had asked Love to avoid “any and all substance abuse” while Holmes was representing Love. Love then stopped using them, then later sought to have Holmes represent her again, but Holmes’ firm declined. Sometime after that, the above tweet was posted. While the claim may be false and defamatory, the whole thing seems pretty silly. First of all, it assumes that anyone took Love’s comment seriously. I think anyone who knows of Love wouldn’t put too much credibility into such a claim. Holmes claims that this has caused damage to her legal career, but that seems like a stretch. And, frankly, which seems likely to do more damage to your legal career: a passing tweet from someone with little credibility… or a lawyer suing a former client over said tweet? Lawyers suing former clients tends not to be a good advertisement for the law firms in question.

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Comments on “Courtney Love Sued Yet Again For Twitter-Based Defamation”

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Di Fiasco says:

Ah, good ‘ole Courtney. Just when you think she’s gone forever, her insatiable trailer-trash behaviour gets her back into the headlines. As for the lawyer, I agree that it’s a bit silly to take Love seriously. She’d (Love) be more credible as Showcase-Showdown competition for Britney Spears on ‘The Price is Right,’ – that is, provided they were fighting over a camper van with matching jetskis.

PrometheeFeu (profile) says:

I think in this case it may be logical to sue. Think of it as a signaling device: Suing is expensive. But it is a whole lot more expensive for those who don’t have a valid case. So Holmes can point at the lawsuit and say: “Look, if she was right, this lawsuit would mean pouring truckloads of money down the drain. No sane person would do that. So you can trust me on this. She was lying.”

rstr5105 (profile) says:

Lawyers Suing Clients.....

You know, there’s an old Chinese proverb about that. Goes something like….

“Nuke the Whales….You’ve gotta nuke someone…”

No seriously, that’s the only point of this article that stands out to me, (Promise mike, I’m not trolling here). This is going to be nothing but bad PR for Holmes, and I’ve the feeling that she’s going to have a hard time being taken seriously in the legal community after this. Which means one less “Dirty” lawyer for the rest of us to worry about. We’ll see.

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