Opera Reads & Responds To Oprah's Mail

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We know a little something about how certain segments of the population seem to get confused in trying to contact the right company or person, leading them to contact someone entirely different. So it comes as little surprise to us to find out that Opera, makers of the semi-popular browser software, has been receiving emails from confused people, who thought they were emailing Oprah Winfrey. And with her final show this week, Opera decided to share some of that mail. Even better, is that it shares the company’s responses as well. Here’s just one, but hit the link above to read a bunch more:

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Comments on “Opera Reads & Responds To Oprah's Mail”

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Difster (profile) says:

Off Topic But Informative

Mike you might be interested in this video. It is for a anti-piracy technology company that very clearly equates theft of physical property with copyright violations and goes so far as to say downloading is an actual crime.

This company is advertising on Craig’s List for angel investors. Let loose the dog’s of war!

Kevin (profile) says:

I don't know

…whether I’m happy or a bit upset with Opera (my browser of choice). Mostly happy, because that’s hilarious. But part of me is saying, “Wait! Why are you wasting dev resources answering these ridiculous, clueless emails when you’re still experiencing bugs you’ve had since 9.2 on Linux?!” [Hint for non-Opera users: current version is 11.11]

Kevin (PaxSkeptica) (profile) says:

Re: Re: I don't know

Oh, I’m just venting. Of course I know they still have to take a break. I’m pleased that they answered the emails so pleasantly and hilariously from what they displayed. If anything, I’m more worried that 9-year-old children are trying to send their cell phone number and other contact info to Oprah when they can’t distinguish her from a Norwegian software company. I lost count of how many things were wrong with that one!

DogBreath says:

Re: Re: Re: I don't know

Makes you wonder if the reverse is true, i.e. how many emails have been sent about bug fixes Oprah should be correcting in “her browser”.

If she hasn’t received any “confused” emails, now is the best time to send them in. Her show is over and she should have plenty of time to get working on those “browser fixes”.

I can imagine the laugh people might get out of seeing a few of those emails.

william kosgei says:

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Looking forward to your favourable response and encouragement

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