Do These Boots Look Like Marlon Brando? His Estate Seems To Think So

from the likeness? dept

In the grand tradition of the estate of Humphrey Bogart suing over a couch, the estate of Marlon Brando is suing Harley Davidson, claiming that Harley’s new “Brando” boots misappropriate the actor’s “likeness.” I dunno, what do you think:

Of course, it’s true that Harley Davidson has its own history of being massively overprotective when it comes to its own trademarks and such, but I’m not sure that justifies a silly and pointless lawsuit over these boots.

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Comments on “Do These Boots Look Like Marlon Brando? His Estate Seems To Think So”

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decline (profile) says:

Well...can you blame them?

Honestly HD should just think of some other name for their over-brand yourself even more boots. And if my last name was Brando I wouldn’t want my name associated with HD in any way shape or form. Just that they have even bothered to name them “Brando Boots” tells you something about their over saturated branding of their riders. Let me guess this is part of their new “Black” label? Black designs on black.
They have reached the level of Spinal Tap.
How about just calling them, “Frustrated Won’t Run Kickers”
Harley Davidson – Image for the ignorant

And it should tell you something, as lame as it still is, “Brando” was allowed on a Triumph jacket.

ottermaton says:

harley craziness

From the article: “Of course, it’s true that Harley Davidson has its own history of being massively overprotective when it comes to its own trademarks and such”

Totally brought to mind a long time ago when I heard that Harley was trying to patent (or maybe trademark?) the sound of their bikes. I thought then, and think now, “What a bunch of dipshits!” Don’t know if they succeeded – suppose the answer is only a Google away.

A small digression: the South Park episode about Harley “fags” is hysterical and every Harley rider should be forced to watch it, Clockwork Orange style.

Angry Puppy (profile) says:

Re: harley craziness

RE: South Park episode about Harley “fags”

Only the Jersey Shore episode was funnier than that one. I hate the sound of a Harley even if the pipe baffles are still in place. I’ve been riding large highway cruiser style motorcycles since I was 17 and the quieter the bike the more enjoyable the ride.

Also, if the boots are like my experience with Harley Davidson motorcycles you will have to re-sole them once a week and every step you take vibrates to the point of pain and sounds like you are breaking wind.

Lachlan Hunt (profile) says:

The article you linked to does not claim the boots resemble the actor himself and you are blatantly misrepresenting the issue here. It clearly states:

According to the lawsuit, the boots look similar to a pair that Brando wore in the 1953 classic The Wild One.

Since neither you nor the other article actually included a picture of those boots from the film, it is difficult to evaluate the claim here, at least as far as the similarity of the boots is concerned. (I’ll leave it to the lawyers to fight over whether the Brando estate actually has any rights whatsoever to the design of the boots, even if they are similar.)

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