Brand Delusion

from the art-imitates-techdirt-comments dept

Based on a brilliant typo in a Techdirt comment.


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Comments on “Brand Delusion”

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Anonymous Coward says:

Re: Re:

That’s the cool thing about the Internet (as it is now), it lets anyone much more easily contribute.

Outside the Internet the laws are intentionally set up so that you have to go through a govt imposed monopolistic gatekeeper to contribute and such gatekeepers ensure that they benefit the most from any contribution that anyone makes or else such contributions aren’t broadcasted.

Of course politicians are aggressively seeking to pass laws that effectively turn the Internet into what they have wrongfully turned everything outside the Internet into.

darryl says:

HA HA HA... ohhhh !!

Sorry Nina, but you just are not funny, or it appears that talented.

I would love to find that amusing, even slighly, I really would, (just to save you embarrasment)..

I tried, I really did..

with such good ‘seed’ info, surly you could of come up with something funny in regard to a simple typo !!

We’ll keep trying, one day you might get funny, or talented.
Not sure if it will be in drawing though…

Thanks for trying…

Rich says:

Re: Great work, Nina

That’s the thing that copyright maximalist doesn’t understand. This didn’t happen in a vacuum. It was serendipity. I made the mistake, Pitabred noticed it, and Nina made a comic out of it. How could anyone claim ownership? What other pleasing turn of events would happen if people didn’t have to be afraid of being sued?

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