Interviewing Paulo Coelho About Books, Social Media And 'Free'

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I’ve written a bunch of times about Paulo Coelho and how he’s completely embraced social media, new business models and the economics of digital and infinite goods to increase his already considerable level of success. So, I’m thrilled to announce that I’ll have the pleasure of interviewing Paulo at BookExpo America in NYC on May 25th at 2pm, where we’ll be discussing his various experiments, how he’s using social media, and how others can take advantage of social media and use “free” to their advantage, rather than fear it. We’ll also even have some time to discuss his latest work (honestly, what good is interviewing someone like Paulo Coelho if we don’t also talk about some of his writing!). In the meantime, though, I’m interested in any suggestions folks have for questions for Coelho in this particular forum.

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Comments on “Interviewing Paulo Coelho About Books, Social Media And 'Free'”

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Brendan (profile) says:

How does he explain to friends?

Coelho has seen the light — he clearly recognizes how file sharing works in his favour and actually serves to expand his revenue. This works through a variety of channels and consumer effects, but the bottom line is that he has embraced it and is now better off.

He must have auther (and musician, etc) friends, some of which are likely to still be staunchly opposed to filesharing. What does/would Paolo say to those friend to try to help them understand what is going on?

chuck says:

Maybe ask if he has examples of legitimate companies using torrents to distribute their content. (proving its not “torrents” but the use) I recently played a beta for a video game and the client was distributed by torrent. made download time a lot faster than if I had to download in a more “accepted” way.
I like torrents, they make complete sense. I don’t download “infringed” materials with them. Why can’t so many other people see the difference?

Paulo Coelho (user link) says:

Re: May 24!!

“Wednesday, May 25 from 2:00 to 3:00 PM ET (8:00 to 9:00 PM Geneva time). “
” Paulo is a shining example of an author who has embraced technology and used digital platforms to broaden his readership. I?d like to make that a focus of his BEA conversation, since so much of our industry does not seem to understand the digital disruption that has taken place and would be interested to hear his views. Let me know if he is comfortable with a conversation that touches upon some technology themes.”
They said “shining”, not me…

Mike Masnick (profile) says:

Re: May 24!!

a] I am looking forward to be interviewed by you

It should be a fun conversation. I’m very much looking forward to it.

b] could you ask for a live steam?

We’re figuring out what this would take, and they think it should be possible, which would be great.

c] in my agenda it is May 24!

I hope not! I’m on an airplane much of the 24th to get to NY for this event. 🙂 I’m told it’s the 25th.

Kyote (profile) says:

Makes me think of the Titanic

I love this. After reading this I thought of the Titanic. I was imagining most of the ‘well to do and/or influential’ passengers remaining on board, refusing to believe this could be happening to them. While the intelligent ones headed for the life boats. It cracked me up.

Not that I laugh about tragedy. I do not find what happened to the Titanic or anyone involved humorous in any way.

What I DO find humorous is that the big labels and the *IAA’s and such are clinging to the rails, or anything else bolted down, and waiting for the hole to plug itself because this shouldn’t happen to them. And to further that analogy it seems they are demanding that those who run the ship, and even those who are smart enough to leave, should be plugging those rift’s with the people that ARE leaving. How dare they be smarter than them after all? LOL

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