DailyDirt: Robots That Move (Sometimes In A Creepy Way)

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There’s an uncanny valley for artificially-generated images that look almost too human. And as robots become more advanced, they could also go through their own version of an uncanny valley. Here are some projects that might be creating some creepy-looking robots.

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Comments on “DailyDirt: Robots That Move (Sometimes In A Creepy Way)”

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Lawrence D'Oliveiro says:

Creepy Robots Go Back Over Half A Century

I remember reading an old (1950s-era) book called The Living Brain, by W Grey Walter, when I was younger. This guy was a pioneer in studying brain physiology, back when the most advanced equipment available was an EEG. He also built electronic circuits to try to mimic things like conditioned reflexes. He included circuit diagrams in the book?amazing what you could do with little more than couple of vacuum tubes.

In the book he casually mentions that one of his machines was so eerily lifelike, it drove a certain woman (presumably his wife) to run upstairs and lock herself in her room.

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