IP Lobbyists Want To Require Domain Censorship Capabilities Included In .net

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Via Boing Boing comes the news that the Intellectual Property Constituency has added a clause to the proposal to renew VeriSign’s management of the .net TLD that would require VeriSign to censor domains using a totally untested “rapid suspension” system. As Domainwire notes, this puts in place a controversial and untested policy for effectively seizing domain names. No wonder the “Intellectual Property” folks want it. ICANN is still seeking comments on this proposal, but needs to hear them today, sent to net-agreement-renewal@icann.org. Update: To clarify, the Boing Boing post incorrectly suggested this was about domain seizures. We were careful to make it clear that this wasn’t about seizures, but some have been confused. To clarify even further, this is about suspending domain names on accusations of trademark infringement, rather than going through a standard, more detailed, process to protest the use of certain domain names…

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Comments on “IP Lobbyists Want To Require Domain Censorship Capabilities Included In .net”

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shirley says:

i say give the entertainment industries and the copyright industries the whole internet. they wont be happy, even content, until they get it. once they have it, they wont have a clue what to do with it (nor will any government for that matter) because no one else will bother to use it. as for buying stuff that i cant try first, or return because it is crap or is damaged, forget it! you can kiss my ample sized ass but i wont go back to buying the disks they want me to buy anymore, simply because you refuse to offer me digital downloads. i, like 100,000’s, if not millions of others, will just go without!

Josh Taylor says:

Next on the Agenda: The Government makes it mandatory to have DRM Thought Police Chips implanted in your brain to make sure you obey copyright. The RIAA owns your brain and they will tell you where, when, and when you can use it, if they feel like it.

Using your brain to remember copyrighted songs is now illegal

Prepare for a Total Full-Frontal Lobotomy.

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