Gorillaz Don't Just Ask Fans To Remix, But Offer Them A Full Specialized Synth App Too

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Tons of artists now release stems of their music for fans to remix. It’s pretty common to see “remix” contests as well. Still, it’s pretty interesting to see how some bands are taking it even further. Eliot Van Buskirk alerts us to the news that Damon Albarn’s “virtual band” project, The Gorillaz, have teamed up with Korg to offer a special KORG iElectribe Gorillaz Edition for the iPad. The regular iElectribe is just an iPad synthesizer, which people seem to like. But the Gorillaz edition has a different (more fun, more Gorillaz-style) user interface design (making it look like it’s been around the block and run over by a truck or two along the way), along with a ton of presets using music from The Gorillaz’ latest album. So, instead of just giving people stems and telling them to remix, this is almost like an album bundled with its own synth tool in one package. I expect we’ll start seeing things a lot more advanced than this. Why release just a plain old album when you can start to enable your fans to do much more with your music?

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Comments on “Gorillaz Don't Just Ask Fans To Remix, But Offer Them A Full Specialized Synth App Too”

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Jeff Woods (profile) says:

18 years and counting...

This idea has been around a while, but maybe this time it will stick. In 1993 when “multimedia computers” (i.e. CD-ROM, audio cards and graphics that could almost play low-resolution video) were bleeding edge, Todd Rundgren released an interactive album titled “No World Order”. Refer to: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/No_World_Order

harbingerofdoom (profile) says:

why not?
because the so-called fans are nothing more than low life thieves bent on stealing everything and not paying a single dime to support the executiv….err… i mean artists that the fine labels represent.

its bands like this that do nothing more than stoke the fires of these freeloaders and they are doing more harm than any good to the market place in its entirety.


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