Poker Player Obama Seizes Online Poker Sites?

from the seriously-now? dept

One of the big stories on Friday was the Federal Government’s questionable decision to seize the domain names of some of the biggest poker sites in the world. The indictments against the operators of those sites focus on some of the “money laundering” tactics — but the early details seem to suggest the only reason some of those sites were doing questionable things to get money was because of the bizarre federal government dislike of poker — which is mostly driven by big casino lobbying money. Some have been pointing out that President Obama has a history of being a poker player, and even held regular poker games when he was a state Senator in Illinois. Apparently, that kind of gambling is okay. But… this other kind of gambling? Well, the government will come down on you hard for that.

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Comments on “Poker Player Obama Seizes Online Poker Sites?”

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Anonymous Coward says:

Re: Re:

Becuase the internet IS US jurisdiction, or at least that is what they are leading us to believe.

Personally i think it would be a good idea to store dns records in such a fashion that they are part of the multicast group, making it impossible to seize a domain name without seizing all the servers, or shutting down the whole internet. That way if they want to actually get rid of something they will do it, instead of just turning their backs and pretending it is gone.

weneedhelp (profile) says:

Nobody noticed yet:

Whoops, dunno what happened there, anyway:

Nobody noticed yet:
“Barack was always focused on anything he did, but he would certainly engage in banter,” said Stephen Selcke, a lobbyist for AT&T. “Barack was one of the guys.”

Barack was one of the guys. Y e a h. One of the guys we can pour money in to his pockets and buy legislation. Sickening.

Dan (user link) says:

Funny Thing Is A Few Days Before This,,,,


*** Funny thing is?a couple days ago, they ?legalized online poker? for: Washington DC***



Already ?Un-foreseen Consensuses? as a result of these seizures:

?Domain Seizure Advocates Eat Their Own Medicine?


Old Timer NW (user link) says:

Killing off the competition and political payback

I find this very interesting that they’re killing off the competition. I think they want to open the way for the Washington District of Columbia. DC is planning on introducing a big gambling operation.

Just what we need, are politicians gambling away America’s taxpayers’ money in DC another way.

Joshy says:

Yes there might have been a day when the Casino’s opposed online gaming. However this is a good story of how an industry doesn’t stick there head in the sand like the RIAA and after further consideration threw there support behind a new a untraditional distribution model.

The fallacy that the Casino’s are joyful in the shutting down of there competition is easily dismissed. Two of the largest casino operators weeks before the shutdown announced partnerships with the online gaming sites that are now shut down.
Furthermore much of the ad revenue for many of the broadcast poker games along with the majority of tournament players (some say as much as 80% of the players are staked at the big competitions by the sites now closed and by winning online) This cuts out much of the new blood being introduced to poker who become regulars at the casino’s. Again I’m saddened by the tone this TD article takes.

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