Yet Another Judge Says No To Mass Infringement Lawsuits

from the how's-that-working-out-for-you-beryl? dept

It’s seems former RIAA lobbyist Judge Beryl Howell’s recent decision that it’s fine to lump together a bunch of totally unrelated copyright infringement lawsuits into a single lawsuit is increasingly looking like an outlier. Two more such lawsuits have been rejected by a court, which severed all of the defendants except one in each case, as multiple other courts have done. It’s nice to see that multiple courts are rejecting this highly questionable procedure, which is clearly an attempt to abuse the court system as a part of a business model.

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Comments on “Yet Another Judge Says No To Mass Infringement Lawsuits”

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fogbugzd (profile) says:

Not a business model

I resent seeing these mass lawsuit schemes called “business models.” They are extortion schemes that abuse the legal system. Some copyright maximalists who post here defend the system, but if they understood what is really going on they would realize how much damage the scam is doing to their long term interests.

Not an Electronic Rodent says:

Blackadder moment

It’s seems former RIAA lobbyist Judge Beryl Howell’s recent decision that it’s fine to lump together a bunch of totally unrelated copyright infringement lawsuits into a single lawsuit is increasingly looking like an outlier

Her and Redbeard Rum:

” “Well, opinion on the matter is divided m’Lord. All the other captains say it is. I say it isn’t!”

Ken (profile) says:

Impeach Federal Judge Beryl Howell For Conflict Of Interest

I have created a Facebook group calling for the investigation and possible impeachment of Judge Howell for her blatant conflict of interest. The fact that no other judge has sided with her position shows how out of step her ruling was and the fact she is so conflicted with her past of working for both the RIAA and a copyright trolling law firm proves she is unfit for the bench.

Anonymous Coward says:

I enjoy people talking to Randazza, it is such a treat when he puts on his coherent face. I’d just point out for all of his “going after them individually” rhetoric, if you run IPs from his last few filings… they are well outside the jurisdiction of the court where he filed his mass suits.

Do as I claim, not as I do?

It also brings a tear to me eye to see Steele kicked in the teeth again, this means he won’t be popping in trying to salvage his image any more. He was fun to outplay.

Stone is going down in flames, the Judge filed an order demanding all of his records and financial docs regarding the case where he made up the subpoenas.

Steele reportedly showing up drunk at an event trying to solicit more people to back him… maybe if they were drunk they might back someone with his track record.

Randazza bounces between complete denial and outright looney toons. Part of me is saddened to see a defender of free speech go out like this and well… that sure is a fun fire to watch, anyone got some marshmallows?

Poor Judge Howell, trying to hard to make this type of shakedown work for the media corps and if it wasn’t for those darn inept porn suits she would have gotten away with it too. (cue scooby saying the outro)

Anonymous Coward says:

Doh – Judge Howell just let them add another 700ish people to a mass lawsuit. I guess Scooby and the gang need to roll faster.

Oh and for anyone who thinks I was wrong about Randazza…
How does one argue against suing for $150k and then sue people for $150k?

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