Using Technology To Bring Out Creativity In Children

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A few weeks ago, we mentioned an experiment that we were doing, to try to create more useful and engaging ad products, specifically with a “conversational” ad unit on the front page of the site. The initial ad centered on a discussion of ways in which kids could use tablet computers (the ad and post were sponsored by ASUS and Microsoft). We’re running another experiment now. On the article page for this post, or on the front page of Techdirt right after the first post (if you don’t run an ad blocker), we have an ad unit that asks for your input on the question of what kinds of computing activities might best develop kids creativity. It shows my answer and asks you to “vote” for one of four activities and then allows to type in a more complete answer — all from within the unit (so it’s not taking you to some other page). This is very much an experiment, and we already learned some things from the first pass at this (some stuff worked, some didn’t), and we’ll be doing some more as well. In order to keep the feedback in that ad unit, I’ve disabled comments on this post.

This post should also be considered sponsored by ASUS Windows Slate, in partnership with Microsoft and SAYMedia.

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