DailyDirt: Computers Are Beating Us At Our Own Games

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Artificial intelligence is a fun topic — especially when it’s applied to playing games with humans. The classic “man vs. machine” battles are always entertaining… until we hit the Singularity, and computer AI just consistently trounces humans in everything. Here are a few more examples of cool AI projects.

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Comments on “DailyDirt: Computers Are Beating Us At Our Own Games”

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Rekrul says:

Microsoft Research is working on AI that can play the ancient game of Go — and incorporating it into an XBox Live game called The Path of Go. This is a pretty cool project to try to get more people playing go, but adding avatars and some storyline about finding your missing twin doesn’t sound like a more fun way to play Go to me.

That’s known as “Nintendo-izing” a game. Virtually every game ever ported to the NES/SNES had all sorts of extra crap added to it as well as some kind of background story.

freak (profile) says:

Re: rock paper scissors is random

I’m fairly certain the demonstration program cheats.

Against 100 random numbers, it managed 50 wins, 15 losses, and 35 ties.

Against 100 just me playing, the numbers were 51/13/36

I didn’t go through very much, but making a decision through random numbers, then checking the computer’s thinking everytime changed the ratio to 7/9/6. Takes much longer though.

Now of course, that still could be a statistical outlier.

Jose_X (profile) says:

Re: Re: rock paper scissors is random

before falling asleep yesterday morning I was ahead 10w,6t,4l after slowly trying to play a hand that I felt a typical human would not (eg, I repeated scissors 5 times in one streak and came back to it again). Then woke up and played with some but less care (not to mention that my head can’t remember the effects of all of those games) eventually giving up when the computer got to 100w (I had about 115 at that point).

If the computer plays a learning “strategy” that you anticipate, you might beat it consistently, but generally, I’d expect any deviation from 33,33,33 to be a statistical effect.

BTW, try playing where you set a strange but noticeable pattern and later on change it to something very different and keep doing that. I think it will throw the computer off. Setting patters will be caught, and if you don’t change later on you will lose (my old tricks stopped working, with the computer even repeating the same value many times matching me doing the same thing).

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