DailyDirt: Games For People… Not Computers

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Computers can be programmed to play all sorts of games, but these machines don’t enjoy playing — or even winning. It’ll be quite the feat to create artificial intelligence that actually understands which games are fun to play… and what games are boring. Game designers aren’t guaranteed to create fun games, so it’s not exactly an easy task for humans to figure out. But when a game is fun, people seem to naturally know it. That’s not to say that every popular game is fun for everyone, but there seems to be some quality of good games that can’t just be replicated easily. Here are a few quick links on games designed just for us humans.

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Comments on “DailyDirt: Games For People… Not Computers”

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Ryan Diederich says:

The main problem...

Humans have limits, computers dont. Nuff said.

They will be able to invent new ways to discern capchas faster than we can come up with new defenses. Who knows what that will cause, what issues will unfold. The era of spam shall begin.

But of course, humans have ingenuity, imagination, desire, things that machines will never be able to feel. Because of this, we will always be able to come up with a new defense. Though, skynet seems like more of a possibility every day.

KeillRandor (profile) says:



@Jane McGonigal

More people getting confused between games and general competitive behaviour… But then, whoever decided to call game theory such a thing – when it’s purely about competitive behaviour/co-operative behaviour in a competitive environment, is definitely to blame for all this.

Unfortunately for Jane – easy and hard is purely subjective, and therefore has no bearing on the matter at all.

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