DailyDirt: Food That's Good For You… Maybe?

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You are what you eat, so they say. But it’s not always so easy to figure out whether food is “good” or “bad” — just look up the history of margarine. Still, everybody’s gotta eat, so we might as well try to look for healthy stuff to ingest. Here are a few interesting tidbits to munch on.

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Comments on “DailyDirt: Food That's Good For You… Maybe?”

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Not all fruits are created equal

> Second, items such as 100% juices and French fries
> are counted as fruits and vegetables according to
> the USDA.

This is the stuff that diabetes epidemics are made of.

In general, processed foods are problematic because of
all of the stuff that is destroyed during processing and
all of the other stuff that ends up added back in.

Conflating fruits or vegetables with food-like substances
is a dangerous sort of thing that completely short circuits
the whole point of the government trying to be a busy body.

Fruit juice and French fries…

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