DailyDirt: Wind & Water Power

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It’s generally a worthwhile goal to diversify — putting all your eggs in one basket is almost asking for trouble. So it’s nice to see folks working on different ways to generate electricity that don’t involve burning fossil fuels or dealing with the hassle of radioactive materials (not that there’s anything wrong with that). There are a bunch of really interesting wind power and hydro power projects going on, but some can scale better than others. And some of these projects just look cool.

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Comments on “DailyDirt: Wind & Water Power”

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Pixelation says:

Mmmm wildlife

From an article on OptoIq, about an Oct. 31st test…

“”The results of all of these experiments are extremely encouraging,” said NIF director Ed Moses, “and they give us great confidence that we will be able to achieve ignition conditions in deuterium-tritium fusion targets.” The NIF researchers expect to achieve a self-sustaining fusion burn reaction with energy gain within the next two years.”

Eye opening if correct.

ken says:

wind power is a crime

Every attempt to use wind power has turned into a massive waste of taxpayer money. When it go cold in Europe turbines generation dropped to 6% of capacity. It seems the wind doesn’t always blow when you need it most. All wind power must be backed up with quick start fossil plants. So now the taxpayer pays 10 times over for electricity and there is no positive environmental impact. Indeed, the impact is worse. And do you know what kind of mining is done to get the materials for wind turbines? Dirty stuff, but that is going on in China! RICO laws should be used to go after the world fraud be sold!

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