DailyDirt: Robot Helicopters

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Flying is a great mode of transportation. Technically, though, there are a few different kinds of flying. Gliding or soaring like a sparrow (African or European, it doesn’t matter) is fine, but the capabilities of a helicopter are sometimes much more useful. Hovering and vertical take-offs are really neat tricks. Maybe not as neat as a Firefly “Crazy Ivan” — but it’s a bit unfair to compare fictional flying maneuvers to actual aerial feats. Anyway, here are a few cool robotic helicopters.

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Comments on “DailyDirt: Robot Helicopters”

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Anonymous Coward says:

For the DIY crowd here are some links:

– The Helipov a RC helicopter that has some display capabilities, why didn’t the marketeers think of that?
– The Grab Lab helicopter may have been the prototype for the Army one.
– The Flexicopter is a glove controler for remote control.
Helivid puts a camera on a homemade build RC helicopter, he was so suscessful that he build a company, this link shows you that.
n900copter, the power of your cellphone.
Vicacopter basic UAV.

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