Leahy Brings Back Patent Reform Act That Doesn't Actually Fix Any Of The Patent System's Problems

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As was expected, Patrick Leahy has announced plans to reintroduce patent reform legislation next week. You can read the full text of the bill (pdf), but it looks pretty similar to what was attempted last year. More or less every year for a while now, Congress has tried to pass patent reform legislation. It comes out in January, with claims from those supporting it that this will be the year where it finally gets approved, and every year it dies. It’s also worth noting that every year it’s watered down more and more in that attempt to get it approved. It was a bad bill to begin with years back, and gets worse each year. It will do almost nothing to mitigate the actual problems of the patent system, and could do a few things to make them worse. It seems like a waste of time to even go through the motions on this again, knowing that it’s likely to end up with the same fate as each failed attempt before.

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Comments on “Leahy Brings Back Patent Reform Act That Doesn't Actually Fix Any Of The Patent System's Problems”

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Anonymous Coward says:

As long as a senator has someone to second a bill, he can keep adding it onto the order paper each year, where it dies at the end of the session. There is nothing really magical here, just a Senator trying to look like he is doing something when in fact he is doing nothing. It pads a legislative resume, and plays well in the next campaign “Leahy championed real change to our copyright system”, all the while knowing it will never even make it to committee.

Ronald J Riley (profile) says:


Leahy is just milking Patent Deform for contributions. It sure looks like an extortion racket to me. It is time that all the players come together and fund an opponent of Leahy.

Some needs to pass a law to stop this.

Ronald J. Riley,

President – http://www.PIAUSA.org – RJR at PIAUSA.org

Other Affiliations:
Executive Director – http://www.InventorEd.org – RJR at InvEd.org
Senior Fellow – http://www.PatentPolicy.org
President – Alliance for American Innovation
Caretaker of Intellectual Property Creators on behalf of deceased founder Paul Heckel
Washington, DC
Direct (202) 318-1595 – 9 am to 9 pm EST.

NY Inventor says:

Leahy is in Microsoft's pocket

Microsoft is tired of getting sued for all of the technology that they steal. If you look at Leahy’s biggest contributors its a Microsoft Who’s Who.

Microsoft has not innovated in 15 years. Of course they do not want a strong patent system. The irony of it all is they try to sell this garbage as a way to strengthen innovation. It’s goal is to crush innovation.

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