UK Government Sets Up 'Public Data Corporation' To Free Up Data

from the what-a-nice-idea dept

Glyn Moody points us to the news that the UK government is setting up a “Public Data Corporation” with the charge of working with various government agencies and pulling together data and freeing it up for the public:

The Corporation will, for the first time, bring together Government bodies and data into one organisation and provide an unprecedented level of easily accessible public information and drive further efficiency in the delivery of public services.

Supporting the Government’s growth agenda, it will open up opportunities for innovative developers, businesses and members of the public to generate social and economic growth through the use of data.

Of course, it looks like it’s not freeing up all data. While it says that it will make data available freely in many cases, it may also look to sell some of the data. Still, this definitely seems like a good step forward.

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Comments on “UK Government Sets Up 'Public Data Corporation' To Free Up Data”

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Josh in CharlotteNC (profile) says:

Overly complicated

Wait… this seems overly complicated to me. The government sets up a corporation. The point of this corporation is to get various government agencies to free up their data. The corporation then provides it to the public.

Why doesn’t the government, you know, just free the data and give it to the public? Through whatever the British equivalent of the Freedom of Information Act is.

This seems to me like something that politicians can point to and say “We’re being transparent!” without actually accomplishing anything and not really being transparent at all.

Chronno S. Trigger (profile) says:

Re: Overly complicated

Take everything that has been deemed “unclassified” and would be accessible threw a FOIA request (or whatever in the UK) and put it all on an open webserver. Put it all in a nice database with a good API and let someone else figure out how to make a pretty user interface. Sounds relatively easy to do and it saves taxpayer money by not having to pay asinine amounts to a web developer.

Idobek (profile) says:

Re: Re: Overly complicated

The “UK equivalents” are the Freedom of Information Act and a FoI request.

I think the reason for setting up the corporation is to head of the criticism they get whenever they release raw information. Almost all the commentators insist that no one will be have any incentive to create a user interface or investigate the data (and make it understandable to the mainstream media). Witness the tone of amazement in all today’s Wikipedia anniversary stories – the MSM really doesn’t understand why people contribute.

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