DailyDirt: Duh… Ads Are Supposed To Change People's Minds

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Ads can be controversial sometimes — designed to attract attention. Most ads catch your eye with attractive people or shocking images, but the “best” ads also stick in your mind and remind you who the actual sponsor was. We’re always interested in “good” ads (not the ads that get attention for how hated they are). So here, we’ve found some interesting ad-related articles and videos that demonstrate how ads can be entertaining.

  • The BBC picks 6 ads that it thinks changed the world. Don’t worry: “Apply directly to the forehead” didn’t make the cut. [url]
  • If you could save an online banner ad for later, would you? This sounds like a really bad copy of Instapaper…. [url]
  • LEGO has made a couple interesting short films. But still, I always forget that it’s not Legos. [url]
  • Can any kind of internet meme effectively sell a mobile phone? If so, let loose the CaTz of advertising. [url]
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    Comments on “DailyDirt: Duh… Ads Are Supposed To Change People's Minds”

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    Hephaestus (profile) says:

    a 20 year old joke .... based on McDonalds

    A man took a new job as a bus driver and was given a bus with a Sesame Street advertisement on the side. At his first stop he picked up two fat Irish women who?s names both happened to be Pattie. At his next stop he picked up a man named Ross. This man felt highly of himself and insisted that everyone call him Special Ross. At the next stop was a biker who didn?t have a name, but he said he usually goes by his nickname, Lester T.

    During the ride, Lester T sat in the back picking at his feet while the others looked at him with disgust.

    When the bus driver finished his route, he was asked how his day was by one of his co-workers.

    ?It reminded me of McDonalds? said the bus driver. Two obese Patties, Special Ross, Lester T pickin? his bunyons on a Sesame Street bus.

    Angry Puppy (profile) says:

    a 20 year old joke .... based on McDonalds - Mine's Worse

    A frog hops into a bank and asks for a meeting with a loans officer. The officer, Patricia Whack, meets the frog with some surprise and asks what she and the bank could do for him. The frog replies: “I have some outstanding debts and a cash flow crisis that requires a $10,000 overdraft to meet my sort term business obligations.” “Very well.”, replies Miss Whack. “Do you have a guarantor?” “Yes.” says the frog, “I am the adopted son of Mick Jagger and he will cosign.” Not really believing this Patricia asks, “And what do you have as collateral?” “This!”, says the frog, proudly holding up an inexpensive ceramic duck. Patti (her usual name used around the office) states, “I’m sorry Mr. Frog, I do not believe we can provide you with any lending services”

    The bank manager overhears the conversation in his office next store and being a huge Stones fan realizes that the frog was indeed the one adopted by Mr. Jagger as described in an article he had read in a fan magazine and hears the loan officer’s increasingly unimpressed tone and steps in to head off a potentially embarrassing media event. Calling her into his office she enters with the ceramic duck she was given and when confronted with the manager’s question as to why she would not loan money to the frog Patti provides an obvious list of reasonable points as to why the frog does not qualify for a $10,000 overdraft. Finishing with a flourish she holds up the duck concluding, “And what the heck is this?”

    The manager replies: “It’s a nick-knack Patti Whack, give the frog a loan, his old man’s a Rolling Stone.”

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