End Result Of HADOPI? Higher ISP Fees

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It’s not like people didn’t warn everyone what would happen with various three strikes laws. The costs for ISPs were widely discussed, even if the recording industry lobbyists insisted they were overblown. Yet, here we are, a few months into France’s HADOPI implementation of three strikes, and French ISPs are already warning users that they need to jack up fees to pay for compliance with HADOPI. And, of course, no one has provided any evidence that kicking people off the internet for file sharing makes anyone any more likely to buy. So, now, not only are people less inclined to buy just in general, but they have less money, because they have to pay more to their ISP. How’s that going to save the recording industry’s old business again?

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Comments on “End Result Of HADOPI? Higher ISP Fees”

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Nick Taylor says:


Yea – I presume from your spelling of “ass” and the fact that you’re so repressed that you self-censor it that you’re of that species of American who first started hating The French at about the same time you first heard of them – when they were disobedient to America over the Iraq war.

You should have listened to them… they’d have saved you about 3 trillion dollars (according to J Stiglitz)…

… however, you shouldn’t be “bitching” about them now, because this 3-strike thing was all done to be obedient to America. http://bit.ly/esfhzC

Instead you should be “bitching” about Spain, who had the spine (when they found out that 3-Strikes is an American invention) to throw the law out.


Anonymous Coward says:


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Anonymous Coward says:


Rose, pretty logical conclusion, don’t you think? Hadopi exists because there is piracy. Remove the piracy, and what would they do all day? Perhaps in some bizarre twist of French logic, they would end up patrolling the internet for ignorant home schooling moms, but otherwise, they wouldn’t have much left to do.

A caused B. Remove A, and B no longer needs to exist.

Think of this as the (not so) hidden costs of piracy.

egbert says:

isn’t it strange how, when warned that ISPs costs would increase, recording industry lobbyists insisted the figures were overblown. if selling less media means the entertainment industries lose money, then selling less internet connection contracts must mean ISPs lose money. as has been said many times in many places, the entertainment industries lie continuously about how much they are ‘losing’. when anyone else predicts losses and price increases, because of what the entertainment industries are doing, they are told it wont happen/no need, losses will be minimal. shows the lack of concern for anyone other than themselves. the sooner other companies realise that they are going to bear the brunt of what the entertainment industries are doing to the internet, and start to fight against it, the better.

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