Everyone Gets Angry At The Media Sometimes, But Calling 911 To Have 'The Media' Arrested Isn't A Good Idea

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Via Fark, we learn of a guy in Florida who apparently got somewhat drunk and decided to call 911 to ask to have “the media” arrested. He seemed particularly annoyed with the TV news. Apparently, the guy has a history of calling 911 for non-emergency purposes, such as 16 phone calls since November to 911 asking them to bring him business cards. Instead, they arrested him. The folks over at Mediaite were actually able to retrieve a copy of the drunken call, which is embedded below. The call is a bit incoherent. He kicks it off by asking who he’s calling, and then says something about trying to call the sheriff to have himself arrested. But then he says something about the TV news, which he wants arrested for calling the sheriff’s department 26 times. Then he says “bye,” but the call doesn’t end there, at which point the dispatcher explains to him that calling 911 without an emergency is against the law.

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Comments on “Everyone Gets Angry At The Media Sometimes, But Calling 911 To Have 'The Media' Arrested Isn't A Good Idea”

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Pixelation says:


This reminds me of an episode of “COPS” where the police show up at a guys house. They tell him his neighbors say he is a horticulturist and can they come in and look around. He says “I ain’t a horticulturist” and let’s them in. They find his pot growing operation in the house. The officer says to the guy, “I thought you said you weren’t a horticulturist?” The guy responds, “I ain’t a horticulturist, I’m a Presbyterian”.

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