Warner Bros. Smarter Than The Average Studio? Won't Fight Yogi Bear Parody

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We recently pointed to an amusingly dark parody ending to the new Yogi Bear movie, which was getting a lot of attention — and wondered how Warner Bros. would react to it. Warner Bros. General Counsel has been upfront in the past, saying that they try not to shut down “fan art” unless it really goes over the line, but the company’s actions don’t always live up to that. In this case, however, the good news is that Warner Bros. has said that it won’t fight the parody video and will let it live on. It just asked the artist to put a specific disclaimer on the video (which he did). The studio did ask YouTube if it could put an age limit on the video, because it was afraid of kids seeing Yogi get shot… but that didn’t happen and WB still seems okay with. So, kudos to Warner Bros. for not overreacting. It’s sad that it still needs to be highlighted when some of these firms don’t overreact, but hopefully it means they’re learning.

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Comments on “Warner Bros. Smarter Than The Average Studio? Won't Fight Yogi Bear Parody”

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Anonymous Poster says:

A quote.

[i]The studio said the video was likely a protected work of parody and it would have required an excessive amount of legal work to have it pulled from YouTube, if that were even possible.[/i]

They admit that because the law is on Earle’s side, it wouldn’t be worth it to fight it – rather than admitting that they shouldn’t fight it.

The studio essentially admitted that they would have said “Screw the law”, regardless of who was in the right, if it were actually cheaper to do so.

Anonymous Coward says:

Earle's got a foot in the door as well....

Even though the legal suits may/may not have a problem with it, I’m sure the animation department is probably loving it for the most part. I’m sure Earle has gained a lot of clout with this and if he ever interviewed for a position at WB, pretty much EVERYONE would know who he was in a good way. I’ve seen a similar situation at my work with someone that did a “spoof” commercial for our product which ended up on Facebook and within 45 seconds after walking in the door and realizing who he was, the guy was hired!

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