DailyDirt: Attack Of The Bioengineered Organisms And Clones

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We’re getting closer and closer to creating designer life forms. People can almost build a single-celled organism from scratch, so we’re not too far away (in terms of logical steps, not time) from intelligently designing our own little creatures someday. Instead of a “grey goo” nightmare, maybe we should be more worried about a “green goo” disaster. Here are some quick links to research that might lead to this unexpected biotech revolution:

  • Dolly the sheep has been revived again. Clones created THREE years ago in secret? Yah, nothing wrong with that at all…. [url]
  • Solar-powered hornets! Okay, these were discovered, not designed — but it’s just a matter of time before mad scientists start creating other solar-powered insects. [url]
  • Scientists have made bacteria with genes that can be used as logic circuits. Will Moore’s law apply? Probably not, but self-assembled, exponential growth of a biological “chip” would be kinda cool. [url]
  • A mouse with two fathers still needs a mother to be born. But apparently, the rodents can be made with two genetic fathers or two genetic mothers. Weird family trees ensue. [url]
  • A human lung on a chip could lead to more “organ on a chip” developments. Great, now we can all breathe easier. 🙂 [url]
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    Comments on “DailyDirt: Attack Of The Bioengineered Organisms And Clones”

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    Marcus Carab (profile) says:

    Have you seen DARPA’s cyborg beetles?

    I kid you not when I say these are living, breathing beetles with chips installed in their nervous systems so DARPA can fly them around the goddamn room witha remote control, using their own muscles and wings.


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