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With the holidays approaching, there are lots of recipes and cooking ideas floating around online. But it’s way more interesting to us to read up on weird foods that are out there (not turduckens). We’re making a list. We’re not checking it twice. Most of these foods are not nice at all, and some are just gross. Bon appetit!

  • A 2,400-year-old old soup has been discovered in China. I wonder how long modern soup cans will last? Mmm. Mmm. Good. [url]
  • Russians are working on mice that can produce milk with human breast milk proteins. And eventually, these human milk genes will be commercially available in rabbits, goats and cows. [url]
  • Until other mammals start making human milk, though, there’s always milk trading groups on Facebook. But the FDA doesn’t recommend this process, either. [url]
  • Maybe people should be eating more insects. It’s not just for reality TV shows. [url]
  • If the thought of eating insects isn’t appealing, it’s a lot more appetizing to eat meat from animals that feel no pain. It’s just a couple steps away from the restaurant at the end of the universe. [url]
  • For the holidays, Estonians are singled out for their blood-sausage-eating tradition on Christmas. Some Taiwanese pig blood popsicles sound good to me, too. [url]
  • We’d love to hear about some more weird foods in the comments, too.

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    Comments on “DailyDirt: Strange Foods”

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    Darryl says:

    bad link --- and PLEASE fix you web site - - it really sucks,, big time..

    the insects not feeling pain link does not appear to go to the article in question..

    I was wondering how they determined that insects do not feel pain.

    The feeling of pain, is actually the touch, when you feel something, it is a form of pain, allthough it does not hurt until a certain level.

    I would expect insects to be able to sense touch, and would be able to determine what that ‘touch’ is higher enough to ‘hurt’..

    Pain is just a part of being sensitive to your environment, it would I expect be a fundamental precept to all life..

    Yes, even plants, all though plants obviously do not think, they are most certainly ‘aware’ of their environment, and can take specific action (decisions ?) regarding their development. Flowers know when its summer, and trees know when it is winter to drop their leaves.

    How could this be possible with some level of “intelligence”, not conciousness, but heat, light, pain, up / down, ground, sky and many other things plants and insects and people needs awareness off.

    If a forest of trees is attacked by a beatle, or a bug of some kind, the trees that have not attacked yet, will somehow ‘detect’ that their friend trees are under attack, and they will react to that threat by changing to chemical composition of its sap, to something hopefully the bugs will not like to eat..

    How do they do that ?? are the trees communicating with each other ? its interesting though..

    Mike you HAVE to fix your web site, its so packed with adds its a nightmere, its slow, clunky, and unreliable..

    Is that what you want to present to people..
    Its probably just one add gone rogue, whatever it is, IT SUCKS, and fucks up your web site big time..

    Have a bit of pride Mike, its not all about how money money you can get out of google..

    With your web page open, (lots of others as well, but only when yours is open).. my CPU usage sits over 90% SOLID..

    Not to mention the MASSIVE delays in your sites response time, that cant take 5 seconds or more, to do what ?


    It feels like im using a 1200 baud modem, on an ancient web site, is not maintained, on a 286 based CPU box as your “server”.

    Ok after an hour trying to type just a few words, that will do.. fix your crappy ass web site mike..

    I dont know why you are not ashamed of it in its present state.. sorry but its really bad, and you are the ONLY one that is a pig.

    Narcuru (profile) says:

    Re: bad link --- and PLEASE fix you web site - - it really sucks,, big time..

    Ignoring the horrible wall of text…

    The link’s description actually says “If the thought of eating insects isn’t appealing, it’s a lot more appetizing to eat meat from animals that feel no pain.” That is they aren’t talking about insects but animals, in this case cows that don’t feel pain. Perhaps a reading lesson would help.

    And off-topic: the site works perfectly for me and my connection, and other people have responded to you in the past with the same. Perhaps, just perhaps the issue is on your end? You know since you are the only one (that is known) that is having issues?

    teka (profile) says:

    Re: Re: I wonder how long modern soup cans will last?

    and in fact i have heard that modern canned foods do not have a very strict upper shelf life.

    After a certain (long) amount of time there may be a loss of proper texture, some nutrients may eventually degrade, but for most things there is no guideline of “after x-days this is now poison”

    I myself once consumed a can of pears that were taken from the back of an elderly grandparents pantry. No recognizable date on that can, but if it fit with the ‘strata’ nearby it may have been 20 years old or more*. Was perfectly normal, i did not die, etc.

    *date taken from a small sealed glass jar of a mysterious chipped beef shaved dry meat.. stuff? even in the name of science, i was not going to open that. i wouldnt open it if it was new either.

    Anonymous Coward says:

    “ENTER A SINGLE CHARACTER IN A BLOG REPLY.. It feels like im using a 1200 baud modem, on an ancient web site, is not maintained, on a 286 based CPU box as your “server””

    That is the dumbest thing I have ever read this year LoL

    Solution: Stop wanking, close all those PornTube tabs and things will get to normal also try to not let the browser open for hours, most of them have memory leaks and slowdown after a while but surely you the guy with all the knowledge on the universe knew that right?

    pegr (profile) says:

    Sucks? I'll tell you what sucks!

    OK, I’m just tweaking Darryl. But what sucks is the use of a bit.ly link. From an IT security perspective, never click a bit.ly link.

    Mike, the whole idea of bit.ly (and their ilk) is to shorten the URL for the ease of users. Since your links are bound to a description (and not just a text link), you have no REASON to use a URL shortener. bit.ly links can point to any web service anywhere, so they are inherently untrustable.

    PLEASE don’t use URL shorteners, especially when you have no reason to! The security-smart users won’t click them.

    Narcuru (profile) says:

    Re: Re: Sucks? I'll tell you what sucks!

    The reason why (or so was said before) is because they want to keep tabs on how many people click the link, and it was easier this way then some other way. If pegr isn’t trustworthy of Techdirt giving the right url in the bit.ly link then they can always click at the link at the end of each topic which has the same url the bit.ly link goes to but isn’t obfuscated.

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