Cypress Hill Backup Singer Sues Take Two For $250 Million; Says GTA Character Based On His Life

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Apparently, a backup singer from the group Cypress Hill, Michael “Shagg” Washington, is suing Rockstar Games and Take Two Interactive, claiming that he was the model for the main character in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas and that they now owe him a cool 25% of the total revenue from the game (which would be $250 million of the $1 billion it supposedly made). He apparently met with the game designers and answered a bunch of questions about his life and they said thank you and never spoke to him again. He claims they promised to notify him if he was to be used in the game. His name is apparently listed in the credits under “talent,” but that hardly seems like it’s worth $250 million. He’s claiming “fraud, misappropriation of likeness and copyright infringement.” I haven’t seen the actual complaint, but all three seem like pretty weak cases from what’s been said. Perhaps there’s a misappropriation of likeness issue if the guy really looks the same, but even that might be a stretch. I can’t see how there’s any copyright issue at all. Is he claiming copyright on his life story?

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Comments on “Cypress Hill Backup Singer Sues Take Two For $250 Million; Says GTA Character Based On His Life”

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The Invisible Hand (profile) says:

Re: Re:

Not just cop killer, he should also be wanted by pretty much every law enforcement organization and military forces for the following crimes (not a complete list!):

– Grand theft auto (duh!)
– Murder (which includes civilians, rival gang members, cops, government agents, soldiers and Big Smoke)
– Possession of illegal firearms (unless it is legal to possess RPGs in the US?)
– Bank robbery
– Stealing a cistern of fuel
– Helping to evacuate a ton (or was it two?) of “weed”
– Piracy (not the internet kind…the high seas kind)
– Stealing aircraft
– Robbing a casino
– Stealing secret (and also not so secret) military equipment

And the list goes on. He should also be wanted by many research institutions that would be interested in knowing how he can survive falling from a three story building (and just walk it off) or being shotgunned several times at almost point-blank range. Oh and surviving falling from an arbitrarily high altitude into a pool of water without so much of a scratch.

(BTW, GTA:SA awesome 🙂 )

BigKeithO (profile) says:

Wrong Guy

The character in question in the game is named ‘Carl “CJ” Johnson. This character was based off of and voice by Young Maylay (aka Chris Bellard). GTA: SA was released in October of 2004, it is now December of 2010 – what took so long to figure out this character was based off of Michael Washington?

Seems like a blatant money grab to me.

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