UK Team Reviewing Copyright Law Will Include James Boyle

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Here’s a nice surprise. Recently, the UK announced plans to commission a report that would review copyright laws from top to bottom. While we felt that it was odd for the UK to do this, since it had done pretty much exactly the same thing four years ago, it sounded as though they were going to focus on things like the importance of fair use and the public domain — which would definitely be a good thing. While we were a little concerned about the decision to have a journalism professor, Ian Hargreaves, lead the process, it’s worth noting that a panel has been put together to help Hargreaves. And among the panel members is James Boyle — author of The Public Domain as well as the guy we were just talking about for his recent FT column about how we should stop relying on fantasy numbers in these copyright debates. Now I’ll admit that I know Boyle as a regular email acquaintance, but he’s one of a very short list of folks who I think is absolutely essential to be advising any government on copyright reform policies — so this is pretty exciting. I’m not nearly as familiar with the other four members of the panel, though scanning through some of the research done by a few of them, it should make for some interesting discussions…

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Comments on “UK Team Reviewing Copyright Law Will Include James Boyle”

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needy says:

doubt if anyone of power will take any notice whatsoever of the outcome of these discussions. if there is any likely hood that someone may do so, i am sure the entertainment industries will be throwing money around like there’s ‘no tomorrow’ to change minds. there would also be a better chance of changes happening if someone like Cory Doctorow from Open Rights Group were involved as well!

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