Righthaven Takes On Drudge Report

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We recently noted that MediaNews, the second largest newspaper publisher in the US, had apparently signed up with Righthaven to start suing blogs and other websites for using any content from the Denver Post. It looks like for its second lawsuit over Denver Post content, Righthaven has gone big: it’s suing Matt Drudge, the operator of the famed Drudge Report, because he used a photo from the Denver Post. This is a bit different than the usual Righthaven lawsuits over copies of articles — and perhaps an even tougher claim. Drudge may have a decent fair use claim on a single photograph, though that may depend on a lot of other details. Still, all this is doing is making me wonder why anyone would ever want to use any Righthaven connected publication as a source ever again.

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Comments on “Righthaven Takes On Drudge Report”

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Anonymous Coward says:

They may want the domain

Could be that is the exact reason they are targeting Drudge. Sue, seize the domain and then they get to decide what the Drudge site links to.

I wouldn’t want to argue that drudge’s use falls under fair use, I don’t think it is.

Regardless no matter how you slice it Righthaven and others like it are pretty slimy it makes those that use them seem pretty desperate.

btr1701 (profile) says:

Re: They may want the domain

> Sue, seize the domain and then they get to
> decide what the Drudge site links to.

What makes these people think they automatically get the domain names of any site that commits copyright infringement? The US Code certainly doesn’t specify that as statutory damages.

Even if they win on the merits and Drudge is found to have misappropriated the photograph, they actually think they?re going to be able to take over a web site worth hundreds of millions of dollars because of one picture?

It’s idiotic.

Joshy says:

They are actually are suing for the forfeiture of the web address Drudgereport.com

Wow I don’t think (even if they are found guilty) using one photos means the right to live in ones own house (domain) need be taken away.

Imagine if Yahoo.com or microsft.com somehow used the wrong photo. Must they forfeit there web address???

Anonymous Coward says:

Re: Re: Re:

You have a logical failure there. Drudge can’t survive without other people’s content, but the other people who actually make the content can survive just fine without Drudge. It’s the amazing power of making your own content, you are the source, not just a user. Drudge is disposable (and also a one sided republican shill that makes Fox News look reliable, but that is for another debate)

Chris Meadows (profile) says:

We may be looking at this all wrong

Whatever you say about Righthaven, you have to admit that they’re not pulling an RIAA, making threats to people they believe will readily cave and pay them more money than it cost to send the copyright notices.

They’re going after one of the most pugnacious bloggers in the whole blogosphere, the guy who stood up to an ex-Clinton aide and won. (What are they thinking? Are they thinking?)

btr1701 (profile) says:

Re: We may be looking at this all wrong

> They’re going after one of the most pugnacious
> bloggers in the whole blogosphere

Drudge is a blogger? Seems like the definition of the word must have been greatly broadened, then, because as far as I can see, he doesn’t blog about anything. Listing a bunch of links to news articles doesn’t really fit the commonly-accepted definition of the word.

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