DailyDirt: Live Performances Get Attention, Sometimes For Being Kinda Bad…

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How do artists create a viral meme? The answer might be the same as the infamous: “How do you get to Carnegie Hall?” Practice! But no matter how many dress rehearsals or practice takes you do, a live performance is still a risky venture. Here are a couple examples of some live performances gone awry, along with some strategery for virality:

  • The Broadway version of Spiderman is falling into the same trap as big budget movies — except the audience can’t exactly “pirate” the live performance. Still, a budget of $65 million seems like a risky bet for a comicbook-based musical. [url]
  • Susan Boyle needs a re-take when she burps(?) while singing. [url]
  • OK Go’s Damian Kulash is still figuring out more ways to create viral videos — demonstrating that it can take months to create the perfect single-shot performance for YouTube. [url]
  • Mashable points out some viral video tips. Tip #6: Be frugal. [url]
  • But maybe any publicity is good publicity, especially if you sell knock-off sunglasses on the internet. [url]
  • Most true fans will understand that everyone makes mistakes…

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    Comments on “DailyDirt: Live Performances Get Attention, Sometimes For Being Kinda Bad…”

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    Mike C. (profile) says:

    Re: apologies in advance...

    No biggie, but thanks for the warning. I’ve been running into the NYTimes login page for a couple weeks now and have stopped clicking when I know that’s the destination. Sucks to be them I guess because I always get the news elsewhere. For example, there’s already a follow-up to the NYT article:


    Mike Masnick (profile) says:

    Re: Re: Re:2 apologies in advance...

    that doesnt really answer the question.

    Mike’s a scientist. He likes data. Using a URL service lets him get data. I believe he’s offering both to satisfy folks who don’t like to use those. I’m not sure why there’s still a complaint. If you want to avoid the URL shortener, you can, but for those who don’t, Mike can get an idea of how many people are clicking. What’s wrong with that?

    Michael Ho (profile) says:

    Re: Re: Re:4 apologies in advance...

    Dear Anonymous Coward who hates bit.ly links,

    I’ve included the long version of the link as a [url], so if you really don’t want to use the shortened links, it’s easily available for you.

    I’m not trying to hide anything from you. In fact, by using these shortened links, more information is available to you. If you add a “+” at the end of any bitly link, you will get a page of the clickthrough statistics (and the full URL is also revealed on that page, too).

    As for “messing” with search rankings, if you’d like me to switch to google’s URL shortener (eg. goo.gl URLs), I’d be willing to do that, too. But given that bitly’s data are public for every link that it shortens, I would guess that bitly is more “search engine neutral” — allowing Bing, Google, etc to know what the long URLs are.

    Maybe you don’t like your clicks going through a Libyan domain? In that case, Goo.gl URLs shouldn’t have that problem (nor should j.mp URLs).

    Ultimately, I’m interested in knowing what topics are popular with the Techdirt audience (besides copyright/trademark issues). If you don’t want to participate in my experiment by clicking on the shortened links — again, I’ve included the long URLs at the end.

    Hope this helps,


    Mike Masnick (profile) says:

    Re: Re: Re:6 apologies in advance...

    I appreciate your response. I have expressed my opinion, you have listened to it and deemed it irrelevant.

    I don’t believe Mike has deemed it “irrelevant” in any way, shape or form. Saying such is unfair. He explained his reasons for why he does what he does, and has taken your points into account and explained how he tried to minimize each and every one of your concerns.

    At this point, it’s not clear what your complaint still is.

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