Company Claims Submitting Negative Yelp Review Violates Contract

from the well,-don't-sign-such-contracts dept

Patty points us to a Reddit post where someone claims that after posting a negative Yelp review, the company being reviewed threatened the reviewer with legal action, claiming that the review violated a contract that the customer had signed. The business apparently is one that repairs damaged hard drives or recovers data off of them. The customer was clearly not satisfied. Where it gets strange though is that the company claims that the negative review violates the signed contract. As per standard Reddit practices, the details of the company are redacted, so it’s a bit difficult to dig into the facts here. However, it seems likely that this threat is more about getting the person to back down than any realistic shot at legal action. One would hope the company would realize that if it actually took legal action, that information would spread far and wide across the internet, and would probably do significantly more harm than any single bad review on Yelp…

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Comments on “Company Claims Submitting Negative Yelp Review Violates Contract”

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:Lobo Santo (profile) says:


I always have trouble trusting a seller/merchant/company who’s reviews are 100% good. Means something’s not quite right with them, there’s something they’re hiding, or something bad is going to happen to said entity when their “secret” jumps out of the closet and commits arson…

Just saying, a couple bad reviews just means you’ve been around long enough to piss off somebody. Good for you! (Who cares?) Keep doing what you’re doing as long as people are willing to pay you for it.

ComputerAddict (profile) says:

Re: Hell,

Well there a difference between “100% good” and 95% bad reviews… The only good reviews were by the first 3 people, all gave 5 stars, around christmas 2009, and all have reviewed no more than 10 other businesses to date. kinda suspicious…

Also this whole thing is barely post-worthy since it was just a guy emailing a threat.. there was no actual filing, and the actual email looks like it was copy and pasted from a 16 year old and edited by an 8 year old.

Anonymous Coward says:

– Owner refuses to respond to customer
– Owner is withholding customer’s property
– Owner is threatening to sue for negative Yelp reviews
– Supposed contract states “and/or Anything other than a positive basic Review (anywhere in any form)”
– Owner appears to be posting fake positive Yelp reviews
– Website links to Digg and looks like it was made on Geocities. Epic indeed.

Yelp Yelp! (user link) says:

Lawsuit anyone?

There seems to be more to it then everyone thinks. You might want to reconsider as to who is the villain and who is the victim. Merchants beware of the extortionist and saboteurs on Its called Astro-turfing and Extortion.

I think a few of the posters on this Page might be the same guy. If you look at them pointing out and doubting the 5 stars yet you don’t doubt or mention the fact that all the Negative reviews are posted on the same day. Isn’t that fishee? What many people don;t know is that Astro-turfing is illegal theses days. And extortion can land you in jail other than posting false reviews about your competitor on websites. The whole world is being effected by these fake Profiles. If I owned a sight I would have the Members verify themselves with a credit card to keep out multiple false Profiles from being made and catching the criminal if they commit something. Its just too easy to launch a web attack these days… If the company was crooked they be out of business or in jail by now. I shouldn’t have to say that, you shouldn’t believe everything you read.

Shadi says:

Have you seen the pictures on Yelp’s listing on Yelp? Just saw a few, pictures of employees you can tell they were hand picked, I don’t think normal good people would want to work for Yelp! There is one picture of this “Yelps Rules” wrote in the sands! This alone shows the mind set of these inhuman people! They believe they have they are ruling our lives! They are aware of destroying lives and they are proud of it! Hoe creepy is that!

People in over seas pull down dictators by putting their lives on the line, why can’t we have an organized demonstration to bring light and attention to this?

Den says:

Epic Data Recovery Labs

On the 6th April 2013 Epic Data Recovery Labs purchased a radiation dosimeter and am EMF meter from us. The total cost was $668.

After they received the abovementioned items, they contacted us stating some functions missing, which however are not even listed in the data-sheet of the goods.
Which is to say that the good description was probably not read before buying it.
They also resented the fact that the goods cost they had paid is lower in Russia and claimed for the price differential to be refunded 🙂

Epic Data Recovery Labs addressed a complaint to their bank about goods not meeting its characteristics and claimed for the money back.
Inspite of all the documents we provided, the bank refunded the money.

Still Epic Data Recovery never send the goods back. Our numerous demands to send them back met not a single response.
Thus they received their goods and kept its cost ($668).

While contacting Epic Data Recovery we spoke with a certain John.

We have never had such a nervous and insane buyer!
I absolutely advise everyone to keep from dealing this unreliable client! I would say real crooks!

Toya | The Limerick Lane (user link) says:

Epic Data Recovery Sucks! Do Not Take Your Goods There!

Boy! I wish I would have found this article BEFORE I took my hard drive to Epic Data Recovery to get it recovered. I found the company on Yelp and it had great reviews (so I thought). I was unaware of ‘filtered’ reviews. This is where all of the REAL reviews live. To make a long story short. I took my hard drive to John Kasdaglis (Yes, I’m putting his government name on blast since I had to find his real name in order to sue him. He only signs the contracts with Jon.) He initially told me he needed to order another part for the hard drive. Instead of ordering anther part, I gave him another hard drive that I didn’t use for parts. From September 2012 to January 2013 he gave me the run around on when he was going to complete the recovery. I told him if he could not fix it just let me know. I understood that I would have had to pay $90 for him looking at it. No big deal. But instead my emails and phone calls went unanswered until I left a negative Yelp review. In which he emailed me a cease and desist letter stating that I owed him $100,000K per each day the negative review was left on Yelp. Sir? He wouldn’t answer my calls, emails or texts but he sends me that. So I ended up suing him in court and winning the maximum amount allowed. I don’t have my money. Which I’m working on finding someone to put it on his credit report. I want this incident to be a reminder every time he tries to apply for credit. If you know anyone that can help, please reach out. Nor do I have my irreplaceable photos of my 99 year old grandmother or my nieces. It totally sucks, but I wanted to leave this comment to prevent anyone else from dealing with this crappy business. Also note, that I have had several people reach out to me via Yelp who have experienced the same problem. None of them has gone as far as to sue him like I did.

KMS says:

Do not even think about doing business at EDRL

If only I had spent a bit more time researching this company…ah, so much frustration could have been avoided. Please do not get involved in any way shape of form with this shady company.

I had my Mac picked up and the work quoted. It was too much so I immediately said to send it back. I will pay the nominal fee. Then he went down in price (not sure how you can just cut off 50%). I thought about it some more and told him I need to know how much data will be coming off for this arbitrary price. There was latency in the communication and things didn’t feel right so I told him to send it back. He then told me (verbatim) “If you do not pay for services rendered within 2 days, I will call the Police (for but not limited to, your acts of:
Coercion; Theft of Service; Larceny (d): By false promise and (e): by extortion; Harassment, etc).” That was somewhat entertaining esp. the extortion part. I’ve been in business a long time and this isn’t exactly retaining or satisfying your customer.

I again clearly told him I would pay the fees and shipping back to me. We went totally off script from there. He accused me of being part of the competition and told me to expect the police. That of course was absurd but since we was no longer lucid and would not communicate, I had to get my lawyer involved.

So if any of this sounds familiar, I feel for ya. Hopefully you will do a better job than I did in my research – and if by reading this you have decided not to deal with this character – chalk it up as a win.

Epic Data Recovery Labs (profile) says:

ALL the Negative reviews on this thread are FAKE Reviews posted by Lying Extortionist and Corp. Sabotage Terrorists, via Sockpuppet Accounts.

ALL the Negative reviews on this thread are FAKE Reviews posted by Lying/Double-talking Extortionist and Corp. Sabotage Terrorists, via Sockpuppet accounts.

The initial Post was posted by a rogue competitor in Brooklyn New York, then fueled by this webpage’s author and Sockpuppet accounts in order to create Defamatory Propaganda against EDRL.

The recent posts and comments posted this year (2013) have been posted by co-conspiring Criminal psychopaths.

“Toya” has posted an arsenal of Illegal and Defamatory false reviews all over the internet. The Websites Admins that can keep up with her attack have repeatedly removed her arsenal of malicious fake reviews.

This is to alert every one that this poster and her accomplices are all Criminals and should not be trusted.
They are compulsive/pathological lying manipulative terrorists who try to extort services/money from you, other than attempt to destroy your reputation out of sheer malice and retaliation for not complying with their illegal/psychotic demands.

The “Toya” review poster’s past contact details:

Toya Menzie;
237 west 115th street, Apt 2B; New York, NY 10026
Phone number: 248.872.8374

We suspect that some of the reviewers are part of a group that has been trying to extort money from us by means of a modern-day Protection-Racket. Other than attempt to destroy our reputation in order to divert business to rogue Competitors.

If she was a true customer and in her right-mind she would know the real names of our Owner or Representatives. She clearly doesn’t have a clue.

Yelp has repeatedly removed an arsenal of her (and her accomplices’) rabid/idiotic reviews. So she is now trying to use this and any other website instead.
These reviews clearly violate several parts of this website’s “Terms of Service”; yet it still remains posted.

It is clear to us that the persistence of your Operations Department and appearance company Author have acted with sheer malice. We will investigate any relationship you may have with the initial Perpetrator, and if we confirm that you have conspired with him in any way we will come after you legally (Civilly and Criminal).

In short: This Website is aiding and abetting Criminals and their acts of: Extortion, Coercion, Racketeering (Protection Racket), Aggravated Harassment, Larceny, Menacing, Stalking, etc, (in part).

We demand that this and any other fake comments be archived for legal use and be REMOVED from your website IMMEDIATELY.

Epic Data Recovery Lab (profile) says:

BTW: Pardon the typos in the previous Post.

I meant to say:
It is clear that the persistence of’s Operations Department and apparent ( Author have acted with sheer malice. We will investigate any relationship may have/had with the initial perpetrator, and if we confirm that had conspired with him in any way, we will press any applicable Criminal Charges against all involved Parties other than seek restitution for damages.

We have been forced to post this response, since has allowed these defamatory and illegal comments to remain. We never told any of our Customers that we wished to discuss anything online nor gave any waiver to allow them to engage in this form of communication.


As for the comment from ?Den?:

That is false defamatory-propaganda posted by an Extortionist who is trying to destroy EDRL?s reputation and integrity in retaliation for not complying with their criminal demands.

I hope that the readers can appreciate the level of stupidity this man and his company possess.
Where he has the audacity to go as far as to publicly reveal his wrong-doing. Where our Bank had determined that we were at Right to demand a refund and they justifiably reversed the payment because what he (and his company) did was wrong.

Just so you know, “.. not meeting its characteristics ..” translated in English means the $500 dollar Fisher-Price wannabee tool, randomly erases critical stored data, other than flat-out and solely displaying “ERROR”…..

We finally got instructions from the MFG on how to reset it (no thanks to him) only to find out that it deletes everything stored. — After the 3rd reset, it detects nothing (when before it did). This thing is not even fit as a movie-prop or kids toy.

As for the other Item, it’s gives you a bunch of random stupid false-Positives. A make-pretend Tool (if you will). A tool for 8 year-old children to impress Techie friends.

We sent numerous requests and offers to return the faulty-Items to him; but instead he flat out ignored our requests.

Only later when he realized that our US Bank would not tolerate his Mail-Fraud, he emails us admitting that he ignored our grounded-requests and demands that we (pay to) now send him the defective items back!;
OR ELSE HE WILL ATTACK OUR COMPANY via this defamatory propaganda attack (here and any other website) online, via Disinformation / Blacklisting, etc..

In sum:

Denis Bogdanov (from (a.k.a.: “Den”) who posted this false disinformative comment, is an Extortionist Criminal, pulling Bate-and-Switch/Protection Racket schemes, by selling faulty electronics.

If anyone is interested in knowing what garbage he is selling and what he sold us, I would be more than happy to post a video on YouTube as proof.

He is trying to retaliate by attempting to sabotage and defame us online for reporting him to our BANK and the Attorney General’s office.

He has been hitting us with an arsenal of prank/harassing phone calls and emails.

He is violating several US Consumer Privacy Rights other than committing several criminal acts including, but not limited to: Extortion, Conspiracy, Coercion, False advertising, Mail fraud, Racketeering, Aggravated Harassment, Stalking, Industrial Sabotage, etc.

We have contacted the Police, FTC, Attorney General’s Office and we are taking him, his Scam-Company and all related Henchmen to Court.

His Comment OBVIOUSLY violates Terms of Service, yet somehow it remains posted. His comment should not have been approved, nor should it remain posted.

For anyone interested, here is this idiot?s information:

(Supposed US Location which seems to be a false-front):

Mr. Denis Bogdanov
Russian Dosimeters, Inc.
30 Panas Road Suite #EB687269
Foxboro, MA 02035-1072

(Russian Location):

Sokolova, 80
Rostov. obl. 344000

Denis Bogdanov (at Dosimeter4you) is a Scam-Artist with no regard for the Law or for what he sells. He is truly delusional and “insane”.

Epic Data Recovery Lab (profile) says:

Epic Data Recovery Sucks! Do Not Take Your Goods There!

This is a flat-out outcast/thug from Detroit.
A perfect example why Detroit’s economy went downhill.

She is a pathological lying psychopath/stalker that has no regard for integrity or the Law. Nor does she posses any common sense.
Using the word “She” to refer to this thug is an insult Women. Therefore, It is an inhuman Terrorist that will lie to anyone, and say whatever double-talk it takes in order to manipulate people or attack someone’s integrity.

Please refer to our response below for more info about this vagabond criminal troll.

KMS says:

Got Scammed also, please help

The simple fact that you are this defensive gives users doubt. Your language and odd way of handling complaints also points to something else entirely.

The reviews are not fake. Given a bit of research, you can clearly see that everyone has jobs and in no way works for your “rogue competitors”. We simply don’t like your business practices and are voicing our concerns online. I personally vetted a few complaints and even made contact with them.


WARNING: vet this company carefully. I wish I would have done that a bit more. Alas…

Epic Data Recovery Lab (profile) says:

For the sake of the Readers and defending this Company's reputation/Integrity, you force us to have to respond to your continued idiotic/defamatory comments.

Another perfect example of the level of stupidity you possess … for you to think that people reading this are “so-stupid”
that you will be able to manipulate their perception/common-sense with your idiotic double-talk debate/rebuttal.

For the sake of the Readers and helping you virtually hang-yourself (reputation-wise) by exposing your true-self,
I will address your idiotic, defamatory, and disinformation propaganda which you posted in your response (above):

“Odd way in handling complaints”?
When a Criminal (like you) makes an attempt to Rob a Bank and he is on-the-run, the Police are not going to engage in
an online debate as to why you were (“innocently”) holding a gun to the Teller’s head, and entertain your delusional
false-sense of power in manipulation. Nor is the Bank going to consider reading and responding to your publiclly
posted online-survey of how you think the Bank Staff treated you when you tried to Rob their Bank.
(e.g. They shouted too loudly when you pointed a gun to them; or they didn’t give crisp Hundreds, etc.

You are the epitome of a Thug. A FLAT-OUT PATHOLOGICAL LYING Idiot/Extortionist, and we can prove it.
You are so stupid that you knowingly engage in this criminal behavior while being a “representative” of some sort
of online-marketing Company. Now either they are oblivious to your double-thug-life and malisious intent;
or perhaps that is your business model. We here couldn’t care less.
In regards to your attack against our integrity: It takes one to know one.

For you to suggest that these obviously fake sock-puppet defamatory-propaganda reviews are real and factual,
shows your true-colors and malicious intent.

Just because someone claims they work for a unrelated Company (e.g. Acme Paper. Inc.), doesn’t mean that they actually do;
and even if they do (in some way) work for that (non-relative) Company, that doesn’t mean that they cannot have friends,
friends of friends, or coworker’s in the IT/Data Recovery Industry who would have an interest in annoying and sabotaging
the business of a competitor out of Jealousy, or some sick/twisted form of entertainment… (e.g. Pranks).

Others than the sheer malicious intent of an Extortionist retaliating against their victim for not complying with their criminal demands.
Almost everyone knows that Data Recovery is not cheap (as Brain Surgery isn’t either).
AND DESPERATE PEOPLE DO DESPERATE THINGS to try to get the lowest possible price for the Data Recovery.

Most of the time they try to Haggle as if they are buying a fake designer Bag in China-town; and if that doesn’t work
people (like you) try to Coerce/Extort the Service as a last resort.
Yet, you rather play this stupid Extortion-Racket scheme when you claim you got a “50%” discount? Really?
Doesn’t that “point to something else entirely”. I shouldn’t have to point out that your posts virtually SCREAM “Rogue-Competitor”.

Either what you did was a Calculated Conspiracy to maliciously attack this Company’s Integrity;
and/or this is simply your retaliation since your attempts of Extortion and Coercion didn’t fly the way
your pin-head brain thought it would. This isn’t our first Rodeo.

At the moment dealing with REAL/Genuine Customer Cases and trying to help them is our First Priority,
other than having Bigger-Rogue Fish-To-Fry. Rest assured that we will address all Criminal intent
in their respected time and priority.

Toya (profile) says:

Do NOT do business with Epic Data Recovery

I am the ‘thug’ that Epic Data Recovery is referencing. Not sure why he has labeled a college educated (go Spartans!) female from the suburbs of Detroit who now works for a major publication a thug. Any who?I’m not from an extortionist group trying to conspire to get money from him. All I want are my hard drives back that he has stolen. I have sued John Kasdaglis in civil court and will proceed to sue him in criminal court for theft of property. I have text messages, court documents and phone records as proof. I’m not here to go tit for tat with this horrible company. I just wanted others not to have experienced what I went to and lose years of important pictures, data and personal info.

And I guess I’m supposed to be offended that he put my email and mailing address online. I’m going to need him to make up his mind. Am I a thug from Detroit or do I live in NYC. If you are going to lie on someone’s character?please stick with the same one.

Anonymous Coward says:

Do NOT do business with Epic Data Recovery

I am the latest victim of epic data recovery. My dell laptop, my wife’s MacBook and my sony video camera. I met with him on January 9th and haven’t been able to contact him since. No replies through email, his voicemail is full, and no answer at his physical address. I’m sure everyone here feels the same way when I say that it’s not the monetary value but the irreplaceable photos and videos. The memories that have been stolen and all for what? I don’t understand how yelp can have this kind of activity fly under the radar. I only used epic and have john a chance because of yelps credibility. Simply horrible, I have already started to take legal action in this situation , we just combine forces and take this guy down !

Richard Huang says:

The reply above is not my description of what happened

Moderator, please remove the reply above. The case description is my own account edited, manipulated and taken out of context. I am an online entrepreneur and I would not like to be bad mouthed the way that epic data recovery is on this site. I don’t know if this is a reputable site but it seems like a lot of angry consumers against this one individual. Unfortunately the reality with dealing with thousands of people online, you just can’t meet everyone’s expectations and make everyone happy. Again, moderator please remove above comments and reply because it is not an honest account of what took place.

Richard Huang says:

Do NOT do business with Epic Data Recovery

The above mentioned description is not an accurate account of what happened. I am the individual described above but I have been in contact with John and I am not that type of person to come onto a public or Internet forum and bad mouth someone I only know professionally. Everyone is entitled to their opinion but unfortunately this particular link seems hell bent on bashing one individual. Moderator please remove above comments because they are not accurate and they are not an honest account of what happened.

Anonymous Coward says:

Do NOT do business with Epic Data Recovery

I’ve had a hard time posting on this site, I don’t know why and all I’m trying to do is clarify that the above mentioned comments are not represented accurately and have been edited, manipulated, and taken out of context. I have been in contact with John and there has been no problems. As an online entrepreneur myself I understand the frustration and problems that arise with many different customers. I for one would never vent my problems on a public or Internet forum. I would rather handle my problems privately. Moderator I’ve tried to email you many times, please remove the above comments because they are a misrepresentation of my interactions with John.

Anonymous Coward says:

Do NOT do business with Epic Data Recovery

Since I have not been able to contact the moderator, if there are any individuals that come across the negative comments above, please allow me to clarify by contacting me, thank you. I am no way associated with John or Epic Data Recovery Lab, I am just a concerned consumer that doesn’t want there accounts to be slanted or in any way taken offensively to any group.

Anonymous Coward says:

Do NOT do business with Epic Data Recovery

I wish I found this site earlier I got scammed to, attempting to go to small claims court and let the judicial system handle this guy, what a loser, he gives other entrepreneurs a bad name, I even tried to contact tmobile and file a complaint to let them know a fake company is using their 1800 number to scam people

Peter L. says:

Epic Data Recovery Labs

Hello to all Epic Data Recovery victims,

After reading through all the posts I decided to add my two cents to the equation. I have gone through pretty much the exact same nightmare as those who have posted negative albeit accurate accounts of their dealings with this particular outfit. As the sufferer of a damaged hard drive with the need to have it repaired and/or recovered in terms of data, I sought out the services of EDRL on the basis of the few rave reviews I saw posted, along with the seemingly reasonable cost for their service as compared to other data recovery firms. Lo and behold to my great dismay I found out too late that I walked into the “lion’s den”. What followed was an endless barrage on ignored emails, phone calls, etc. On the rare occasion that an email was answered with the date or time when I should expect a call from John, who is the name of the person I had to deal with throughout this ordeal, it was never adhered to. I have been raised to understand a person is only as good as his/her word. In any case after 7 months of this and finding out that basically very little progress was achieved, I decided to end the onslaught, sacrifice the $150 initial fee and chalk it up to experience. I also decided to report my experience to the Better Business Bureau at which point the threatening emails began. I was accused of being a con man, sociopath, extortionist, etc. who had committed a breach of contract. The facts I submitted with the BBB were said to be Exaggerated, Ungrounded, Conspired, Constructed, Malicious, Manipulative, Twisted Propaganda. Here is a portion of his response:
Let me (sarcastically) get this straight:
> 1. We designed the Hard Drive and Laptop.
> 2. We dropped or mishandled it after we bought it.
> 3. We need to be at your Beck-and-Call and respond to every
> Exaggerated, Ungrounded, Conspired, Constructed, Malicious, Manipulative,
> Twisted Propaganda Email stab you or anyone sends us.
> 4. We as a Company need to respond to every FRIVOLOUS (TALKING OUT OF YOUR
> A$$) email we receive.
> 5. We as a Company should allow Customer’s to pull CON GAMES/Extortion
> Schemes
> and humor their Frivolous/False accusations by playing the villain they
> try to make us out to be.
> –
> But seriously, at what point did I tell you that I am an idiot?
> When I initially met you, you did not tell me that you suffer from a
> mental deficit or ailment.
> You seemed normal to me, yet you now say my emails are
> “… suggesting you are doing me a favor”.
> Did you actually pay us for the Months of effort and labor we put into
> your Case?
> Did we ask you to pay us for the labor spent (if we were not successful)?
> You call that rude? You call your demands and accusations nice?
> You are the one who is Condescending and Rude.
> +Pretentious with a false/twisted sense of reality.
> Your behavior would be better described as one of a self-serving
> Conning/Manipulative/Delusional Sociopath with a Grandiose Sense of Self.
> Check your self before you start pointing fingers;
> You should respect those who are courteous and who give you the time of
> day (or Months) as a FAVOR!
> Let me ask you a question, do you shoot your Doctor if he cannot cure you
> of Cancer or bring someone out of a Coma? Is that how your Logic works?
> –
> By you sending your Defamatory / Propaganda email to the BBB you have
> violated our Service Agreement, Non-Disclosure Agreement in part, and our
> Contact.
> Which is, but not limited to, a Breach of Contract.
> —
> Consider this as a Preliminary CEASE AND DESIST NOTICE/DEMAND.
> We demand that you take a step back, consider what you are accusing us
> of, Correct your report to the BBB and withdraw your FALSE Complaint with
> them.
> OR THIRD PARTY and/or (in part) you engage in making Defamatory/Propaganda
> statements about us to anyone, in ANY form of communication (Verbal,
> Written, etc..), we have the right to file a Lawsuit against you, other
> than contacting the Police to investigate any relative/applicable Criminal
> charges that can be brought up against you (e.g. Extortion/Abuse).
> I would strongly suggest you contact an attorney (in private) to clarify
> the Contracts that you have agreed to.
> Please Note: (“Ignorantia juris non excusat”)
> Ignorance of a Law is not a valid or acceptable excuse in a Court of Law.
> You can’t make-pretend you didn’t read the Contract that you signed or
> claim you couldn’t reference it all these months.
> –
> For now we will investigate and calculate any applicable damages.
> We will respond within 30 days.

My response:
My conscience is clear and I have absolutely no regrets for stating the facts. I’ve been through too much and seen
too much injustice to let the likes of you scare me.
If you want to open up a can of worms rather than to simply
> return my hard drive, than go ahead. I will fight you tooth and nail. I
> welcome the opportunity to make it public, and expose you.

In any case, to all persons considering the services of EDRL I must reiterate and sum it up with one statement. CAVEAT EMPTOR

KMS says:

Finally some justice

Looks like “John Kasdaglis” is finally getting investigated. A detective has issued a warrant in Queens for this person. Hopefully my laptop will be arriving back home shortly.


If you feel you have been scammed by this person like me, please reach out. I can forward your name to the detective.

Michael (profile) says:

Why so much sleaziness among data recovery companies??

I’d like to know why there seems to be so much sleaziness and lack of professionalism among data recovery companies. I’m currently dealing with one of these for my dead hard drive. Prior to choosing the company I’m using I did online research in order to pick one that was not sleazy, or at least the least sleazy of the bunh.

Apparently that wasn’t good enough because I’m already dealing with crap with them.

Why is this? Why is it that these companies seem to be this very unprofessional culture??

In my case, they have

  • very communicative via email and phone calls until they got my business and my payment, then completely un-communicative after that
  • entice you to send in your hard drive with a smallish quote, then immediately upon receiving it say it’s a more dififcult case, requires more money
  • clunky website that seemed to be designed by a middle school kid in the 1990s
  • clunky emails with Jamey Aebersold formatting – lots of underlines, capitalization, different colored texts
  • asked me to sign a document saying that any "disputes" would be handled via BBB. Are they so accustomed to having problems with their clients that they need this?
  • unprofessional invoicing that lacks any detail about services performed, expectations, timeframes

What’s up with all this nonsense? They are in a high-tech service sector. Why are they behaving like used car salesman??

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