Apple Forces Removal Of Steve Jobs Action Figure

from the but-why? dept

A Chinese company, MIC Gadget, got some attention for its Steve Jobs figurine but some of that attention came from Apple’s lawyers, who forced the company to stop selling the item. Lawyer David Canton (who pointed us to this story) does a nice job of explaining why this doesn’t make much sense:

It’s not as if this in practice causes any harm to Apple or Steve Jobs or confusion about their brand. It doesn’t put Steve or Apple in any bad light — in fact, it’s a good likeness. And it sold quickly, so there is demand for it.

Steve and Apple are not desperate for any extra publicity, or any extra income. But instead of shutting them down — what if they struck a deal to pay a royalty on each one, and to sell them in Apple stores — and then Apple donate its income from this to charity.

But that would go beyond the standard mentality of “protect, protect, protect.”

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Comments on “Apple Forces Removal Of Steve Jobs Action Figure”

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cc (profile) says:

According to the linked article, the figurine is “holding the iPhone incorrectly, in the supposed “death grip” that causes signal loss on the iPhone 4.”

That, to me, sounds like the beginning of a parody defense.

Apple scared them off on trademark and copyright grounds. Perhaps the word “iPhone” is trademarked, but I doubt they have trademarks on Jobs’s likeness, or copyrights on something like a 2x2mm iPhone… All in all, Apple seems to be using the courts to terrorise a produce out of existence, just because it doesn’t like it.

Anonymous Coward says:

Apple the eternal underdog bully.

I think there is a curse here somewhere.

Apple made some of the most innovative things I ever saw in my time and yet they always seems to get surpassed by other players that open the field to everybody. The insistence of Apple(Jobs) to try and create the ultimate monopoly always fail and he keeps trying, the guy is nothing but persistent LoL

GeneralEmergency (profile) says:

The inside story....

Apple’s lawyers were ordered by the Apple board of directors to shut down the distribution of these Steve Jobs dolls ASAP.

It seems that these dolls, while certainly less costly than the real Steve Jobs, were proving to be more charismatic leaders, better communicators and superior technology visionaries than the real article.

alternatives() says:

Oh for a 3rd printer/injection molding machine

So I could make ’em and sell ’em.

Under a ‘litigious bastard’ series.

(and Jobs has been a bitter man about this stuff after the Mighty Woz’s Apple ][ line was cloned. The only reason for the end to the pineapple/franklin was because the spawn of 2 lawyers – Bill Gates – had done the paperwork on the AppleBASIC section of the ROM.)

Anonymous Coward says:

Because Apple SUCKS!! They always have and always will. They will become another Microsoft that uses lawsuits rather than innovation to try and further their business. The Pirates of Silicon Valley. That’s the name of the movie you need to watch. Jobs stole it all. He never had an original idea in his life. He was and is simply an opportunist. Jobs stole the code for the Mac and the Mouse from Xerox and Gates stole it from Jobs. Pirates!!

Anonymous Coward says:

Re: Re:

Jobs stole the code for the Mac and the Mouse from Xerox and Gates stole it from Jobs. Pirates!!

So Steve Jobs stole Smalltalk code, transformed it into 68K assembler and Pascal, then transformed it into something that was totally unlike the Xerox Star? Then Bill Gates went ahead and stole the aforementioned 68K ASM and Pascal, transformed it into x86 ASM and C, then changed it into something completely unlike the Mac?

Damn. I never knew.


Re: Re: Then vs Now.

By modern standards, pretty much every OS in common use today would have been strangled in it’s crib by the modern state of patent and copyright law and litigation.

…and consumer systems generally are always behind the curve. They get features last after they have been in academia and in more serious commercial use for decades.

The mouse is actually a great example of this.

korgri says:

Re: Doen't fit with Apple's image.

Or maybe because they have their own iAction figure coming out in the spring?
This may be Steve’s Tom-Cruise-on-the-couch moment if he isn’t careful; stock dives,
Jobs bobble head figures appear in car windows.
He can’t drive anywhere without seeing these ridiculous things in the car in front of him…

I wonder if iThey could do anything if you took the figure as is and
replaced the head with an apple that has a bite taken out of it?

Now that would be a good bobble head figure..

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