Usenet Community FTD Not Guilty For Linking To Content… But For Promoting Uploads

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We found it a bit troubling earlier this year when a Dutch court found that Usenet community FTD was guilty of copyright infringement because its users merely linked to Usenet locations where unauthorized copies of movies resided. An appeals court has now apparently reversed much of that decision — noting that just linking to infringing works is not infringement, and that downloading for personal use is also not infringement. However, it oddly still kept the injunction on FTD because it claimed that FTD promoted unauthorized uploads, saying that most “spotters” (who point out where the files are) also are uploaders. Of course, as we had noted recently, the movie studio’s “evidence” on this was that one of its own investigators uploaded and spotted a film.

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Comments on “Usenet Community FTD Not Guilty For Linking To Content… But For Promoting Uploads”

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Marcel de Jong (profile) says:

Linking is an incorrect term, as there were no actual links on the website to the offending files, not even to the nzb index files.

What this was, was a place were people could tell others that a certain file was spotted on Usenet. And then discuss the finds, such as rate its quality.

Often the spotters were also the ones who uploaded the files, but that upload was not done through any of FTDs services. As FTD doesn’t offer any such service.

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