Journalism Professor To Lead UK's Copyright Review?

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We recently pointed out that the UK is about to undergo yet another “big review” of copyright laws. Of course, they already did that just four years ago — and then proceeded to ignore many of the key findings in that “Gowers Report.” It was named that, of course, because the team that put it together was run by Andrew Gowers, a former journalist. So, apparently the current UK leadership is going back to the same well to lead this new report as well, and have picked journalism professor Ian Hargreaves to lead the effort. Nothing against journalism professors — but it does make you wonder why the UK government isn’t interested in having an actual economist lead a study on the economic impact of copyright laws and various potential copyright law changes.

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Comments on “Journalism Professor To Lead UK's Copyright Review?”

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Anonymous Coward says:

They already did a study on the economic impact. Specifically, the economic impact on their wallets. Unfortunately, you don’t need to be an expert to point out how stupid current copyright law is, and the random people they hire keep coming out with reports full of inconvenient facts.
No problem, just ignore ’em. Campaign contributions all around! The BSA’s buying tonight!

cannonfodder (profile) says:

Who are the Scum!


# Sony BMG
# Warner Music Group
# Universal Music Group


# Sony Pictures
# Warner Bros. (Time Warner)
# Universal Studios (NBC Universal)
# The Walt Disney Company
# 20th Century Fox (News Corporation)
# Paramount Pictures Viacom—(DreamWorks owners since February 2006)

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