KISS Videos Removed Due To Copyright Claims

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We noted recently that Kiss’s Gene Simmons has (not for the first time) declared war on people who infringe on his copyrights, declaring that they should all be sued and that:

Every little college kid, every freshly-scrubbed little kid’s face should have been sued off the face of the earth. They should have taken their houses and cars and nipped it right there in the beginning. Those kids are putting 100,000 to a million people out of work.

Of course, that resulted in the “group” Anonymous taking down his website, which resulted in more angry claims from Simmons. So, it’s interesting to note, via THREsq, that the official KISS YouTube channel has apparently been taken down for copyright infringement, leading to videos embedded on the band’s official website to show the following message:

Kiss video
Oops. At first I wondered if this was more work of Anonymous, submitting bogus copyright claims to take down the videos, but the company involved, S’More Entertainment, does appear to be a legitimate company that supposedly holds the rights to a bunch of music videos, which suggests perhaps it has a claim on some of those videos. I’m not convinced that the takedowns are legit just yet, but that certainly would be quite ironic if Simmons and KISS got caught for copyright infringement themselves, following Simmons’ own statements.

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Comments on “KISS Videos Removed Due To Copyright Claims”

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Dark Helmet (profile) says:


“the company involved, S’More Entertainment, does appear to be a legitimate company”

A quick Google search is…well….odd. Most of the stuff that comes up about them concerns a 1950’s show called “Mr. Peepers” and an R rated movie called “Fugitive Girls”.

Mr. Peepers….and Fugitive Girls.

I think I may like this company….

Daemon_ZOGG (profile) says:

"..Those kids are putting 100,000 to a million people out of work."

Don’t worry Gene. Obama says that Off-Shoring those lost jobs along with the rest of ours is “A-OK” in his book! Hey Gene, maybe you and VP Biden could have a sleep-over at the White House. You’ll have to bring your own bed, since the riaa and the mpaa already have priority residents in the Lincoln bedroom.

Anonymous Coward says:

I bet if you were to look in depth at all of the music videos released by kiss, gene’s sex tape, the lyrics, the published photographs, the endorsed books, etc… you could find thousands of examples of infringement. I’d be surprised if Anonymous wasn’t already doing this, and supplying the copyright holders with the examples. I say, stack up the hypocrisy and show him why the system is broken even when you are trying to play by the rules.

His wife did it with her book, using photographs she didn’t own rights to…

Oh, and I hereby propose that KISS now officially stands for Knights In Service of Stupid.

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