Mafia Boss Arrested While Playing Godfather Xbox Game

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There have been plenty of “mafia” or “mobster” related games available these days: on gaming consoles, on mobile devices and (especially) on social networks. It kinda makes you wonder what real mobsters think of them all. Well, at least in one case, we have an idea. Glyn Moody points us to the news that Gerlandino Messina, described as “Sicily’s no.2 boss,” was arrested last weekend and when police showed up to take him away, he was playing The Godfather game on his Xbox. The game, of course, is based on the movie of the same name and is all about the mafia. You see, in the virtual world, you don’t actually go to jail (or get shot). Seems safer.

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Comments on “Mafia Boss Arrested While Playing Godfather Xbox Game”

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Anonymous Coward says:

I can see it now. Those brave cops surrounded his house with 30 cop cars, 10 helicopters, and a hundred guns. On their megaphone the brave cops announced, “We have you surrounded. Come out with your hands up.” The very dangerous and unarmed mafia boss came out with his hands up. The superhero cops arrested him.

you oughta know says:

Re: Re: Re:2 Re:

This is the sicilian mafia. Messina has been Italy’s #2 most wanted. Very very powerful and rich man. On the run for 11 years. It was not local police that broke down his door. It was Italian special forces, specially trained for mafioso.
This is not any cat out of a tree. You obviously are ignorant to Italy/Sicily and how the mafia operates.

Anonymous Coward says:

Re: Re:

More like the mafia boss went, “SHIT! This game is REALLY realistic! It’s like I’m IN the game!” Then he continued his mission, and upon unlocking an achievement, was snapped back into reality because there’s no annoying synthetic pinging noises in the real Mafia, nor are there bubble messages.

By this time, it was already too late to run, so he saved his game and stashed his hard drive so that one of his nephews wouldn’t come over and delete his save file while he was in jail. I would have done the same.

interval (profile) says:

Re: Re: Re:

It would be uncanny if he was watching the game cops knocking down the doors and windows of his game hideout while they were actually knocking in the doors of his real hideout. Then, just like Clark Duke, the boss is playing the game in his jail cell when his lawyer come to see him; “Just a second, I’ve got to get ready for a court date…” and he’s fingering the game controller like mad.

Jose_X (profile) says:

Re: Re: That is correct

Sorry to have added seriousness to the parade, but since this issue is currently up before the Supreme Court, let me clarify parent comment by saying that game playing, no matter of what, offers a release mechanism to someone that otherwise might have contemplated or “needed” more seriously the topic of the particular game play.

Of course, game play also makes it easy to get away with living in a surreal world without the risks or damages involved in trying to create a similar reality. It can be such cheap painless fun that it clearly becomes a very different thing than the reality. Of course, this is related to the psychology of people requiring the thing to truly be different enough and not *that* close as to confuse.

As someone that has shot, squashed, and even dismembered a great many things on the screen back in the days, I can say that the more games I played, possibly the more harmless I became.

What we need now is an easy way for people to digitize the image of those that bully them to place in a game where they get to beat the crep out of them.

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