Hasbro Sends Sharron Angle Cease & Desist For Monopoly-Like Game Board On Website

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It does seem odd that Nevada Senate candidate Sharron Angle (who apparently has a half-decent chance of winning) keeps running into intellectual property issues. Angle, of course, was the candidate who promised to sue Harry Reid, whose job she’s trying to take, for copyright infringement, because his campaign reposted an older version of her website to suggest she was changing her positions. As far as I can tell, no such lawsuit was ever actually filed. However, Angle got into some infringement hot water herself when Righthaven sued her for copying a LVRJ article on her website. Now we can add Hasbro to the list. Hasbro, the notoriously overprotective game maker, is threatening Angle because she put up a fake gameboard for a game which attacks Reid. Apparently, the boardgame looks too much like Monopoly for Hasbro’s tastes. Apparently, Hasbro wants to make sure it keeps its monopoly on Monopoly… If Angle actually wins, it would be nice if she then used her new job to help fix problematic intellectual property laws that get in the way of free speech, but seeing as she seemed willing (at least in talking) to use the laws herself in the same manner, I doubt we’ll see anything productive from her on this topic.

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Comments on “Hasbro Sends Sharron Angle Cease & Desist For Monopoly-Like Game Board On Website”

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Anonymous Coward says:

Tea Party as a Branding Campaign

Reminds me of the issue earlier this month when the Tea Party recieved a federal trademark and then sued/arbitrated three cybersquatters to get .COM domain names back.

If it really is a “grass roots” movement, how and why do they have lawyers on the payroll? Only if it was a rebranding campaign would they be interested in protecting a trademark like tea party. Hah.

Here are the URDP cases-

ofb2632 (profile) says:

do as i say not as i do

In typical republican fashion, she believes she can do as she wants, but nobody can do the same. It is the mindset of the ‘elite’ republicans that are coming from out of the floorboards. I’m sure she can quote some passage from the bible that gives her permission but nobody else. Or she will just blame the democrats for making this a controversy.

Anonymous Coward says:

Most of those politicians are career dudes, people keep electing the same people and expect things to change?

C’mon it ain’t happening.

You want to see change here is what it is needed.

Get somebody tell him what he needs to vote for, get others to elect people with the same instructions and then you have change, now electing the same people that will do the same things over and over again is just not that good.

People today are voting for people, they should instead vote for issues and take the people out as fast as they got there, they should not create roots and connections inside, that is what in part creates the current political system problems.

Anonymous Coward says:

Hang on a sec...?

It’s late and I may not be reading the articles close enough, so could someone point out to my clearly missing something brain please? What area of law are Hasbro using here? Monopoly was first sold in the 30’s and possibly patented before that. How is there still any claim of rights to this? Or is it the current images (which most far as I can tell haven’t changed much for almost as long)? And even then, isn’t there a claim of fair use to be had here? Parody for example?

I must be missing something and it’s going to bug me. Help?

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