Brazilian Librarians: Copyright Is A Fear-Based Reaction To Open Access To Knowledge

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David Weinberger recently had an interesting blog post about his attendance at a conference of Brazilian university librarians, where he was very encouraged to learn of the many ways in which the librarians are embracing the internet to improve access to knowledge, and are hoping this leads to much greater things. Not surprisingly, questions on copyright came up, and Weinberger notes that many he spoke to are quite worried about how copyright is holding back access to knowledge:

The question of copyright seems to weigh heavily on just about everyone’s mind. (Keep in mind, of course, the self-selection of those with whom I have talked.) Copyright is only perceived as an obstacle if you are intent on maximizing access to the works of human intellect and creativity. If you are afraid of what open access means, then copyright looks like a bulwark. But, if you are confident that we together — with the invaluable aid of librarians, among others — can overall steer ourselves right, then the current copyright regime looks like a fear-based reaction.

I think that encapsulates a number of important points. Historically, if you look at copyright, it has almost always been exactly that: a fear-based reaction to something new — some new technology or innovation that helped spread knowledge in a way that potentially removed barriers from a gate-keeper. And, the deeper you look, you quickly realize that almost every single one of those “fear-based reactions” was massively overhyped and had little basis in evidence, fact or reality. And yet… the laws that were passed based on fear stick around. No one ever goes back and says “hey, we passed this law because we believed the fearful claims of industry X, but it appears those fears were unfounded.”

It’s good to see that folks in Brazil are taking this seriously, however. We recently noted that Brazil is considering new copyright laws now, with some surprising characteristics, such as penalties for those who inhibit fair use or the public domain. It’s nice to see at least one country looking to move away from fear-based reactions when creating copyright laws.

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Comments on “Brazilian Librarians: Copyright Is A Fear-Based Reaction To Open Access To Knowledge”

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Jay says:

Re: Sunset Review

I’m aware of a few things like this but it’s a joke. It’s a bureacracy that is set up to stop bad laws. It’s just like the DMCA process if you want to really get down to it. Basically, the more laws they keep going, the more work they have which keeps them employed. So they may get to a few laws but it’s the laws that are EXTREMELY outdated or the laws that have a very large uproar to be repealed. You’ll probably do better to sue in court and have the Supreme Court change the law.

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