FTC Concludes Investigation Into Google's Street View Data Collection Without Penalties

from the not-such-a-big-deal dept

For all the hype about Google’s Street View data collection, it appears that the FTC now agrees that it was an accident, where Google didn’t even realize it was collecting the data. Even with the recent revelation that some of the data included emails and passwords, the FTC has now concluded its investigation of Google, and won’t be punishing the company. It appears the FTC is satisfied that Google did not realize it was collecting this data and that the company did nothing with it. Combined with the company’s new policies to try to avoid such things in the future, the FTC appears to believe no further action is necessary.

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Comments on “FTC Concludes Investigation Into Google's Street View Data Collection Without Penalties”

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out_of_the_blue says:

You trust the gov't when it agrees with your prior notions.

Me, I never trust the gov’t at all.

Let me put this in perspective: two wars have been going on for most of this decade, for reasons no one can say, without anyone being charged for starting them. And because the FTC isn’t pursuing Google, we can be sure that no wrong was done there either.

darryl says:

Not without Penalties

Why cant you tell the truth Mike, ar at least the complete story ?

Why spin it so promote your precious Google ?

FTC Concludes Investigation Into Google’s Street View Data Collection Without Penalties


it appears that the FTC now agrees that it was an accident, where Google didn’t even realize it was collecting the data.

“The company blames glitchy software for the breach”

It was not the software, the software did exactly as it was supposed to do.


“appointing a director of privacy for engineering and product management; adding core privacy training for key employees; and incorporating a formal privacy review process into the design phases of new initiatives.”

Umm,, they are PENALTIES.

In other words they have to do things to ‘make up’ for their illegal act. They have NO CHOICE, that is a penalty…

“This indicates that Google’s internal review processes — both prior to the initiation of the project to collect data about wireless access points and after its launch — were not adequate to discover that the software would be collecting payload data, which was not necessary to fulfill the project’s business purpose,”

So FTC thinks google is incompetent, and ‘NOT ADEQUATE.

Google LACKS strong review processes to “identify risks to consumer privacy”.

This is GOOGLE, you know Google knows everything and wants all information, yet, GOOGLE is incapable of providing a strong review processes to ‘identify risks to consumer privacy’.

And you think THAT IS NOT BAD !!!!!!..

GOOGLE should implement “REASONABLE PROCEDURES” (Ie they dont NOW), to address these issues including:

“collecting information only to the extent necessary to fulfill a business purpose, disposing of the information no longer necessary to accomplish that purpose, and maintaining the privacy and security of information collected and stroed

WOW, read that a few times, and then ask yourself how the FTC ‘let off’ Google. NO WAY,

THE FTC HAMMERED GOOGLE,, Read that above statement, Collecting and storing information is the core of Googles business model, that is why they do it, not the FTC is telling them they are not collecting and holding information responsibly.

If the FTC are saying “Google should implement ‘reasonable procedures’ to address these issues. Meaning they DO NOT allready implement such measures.

So Mike, why the FLUFF peice ? why be an apoligist for Google ?

Anonymous Coward says:

Assuming the facts are right....

.. and it was only unencrypted data, the decision sounds about right if not the reasoning behind it.

It might be fun to watch google stomped for something, but I don’t see how you can reasonably spank someone for picking up public domain information. If I stand on the roof of my house with a megaphone shouting my password I can hardly complain if someone hears it can I?

If the quotes are correct it sounds like the FTC stumbled on the “correct” decision despite a lack of understanding of the technology.

Shawn (profile) says:

Re: So much in favor of Google

So because the FTC ended its investigation, and Techdirt posted the news that the FTC appears to believe no further action is necessary… they are in favor of them and the rest of the blog posts on this site are invalid?

Perhaps you have somehow gotten on to the wrong Internet. Please reboot your computer and try again.

Yls says:

What’s surprise me on this blog is that each time somethings deals with Google the tone of the article is enthusiastic. “They have stolen id and password of people who didn’t ask for their services but they didn’t even kewn it, how great they are!”

I would so happy to be able to trust google like a new e-prophet. What’s frighten me is that this blog is very clever but seems to be blinded by google. Each time ! And i don’t know why.

My english is far from perfect and i won’t be able to developp further but i can clearly see the point of Darryl.

I would have liked a point of view more critic

Dark Helmet (profile) says:

Re: Re:

Read the site more, friend:

1. http://www.techdirt.com/articles/20101025/13535511579/when-your-ceo-suggests-moving-in-response-to-privacy-questions-time-for-a-new-ceo.shtml — Critical of Google’s CEO

2. http://www.techdirt.com/articles/20101014/17295411434/there-s-always-a-way-to-compete-competing-with-google-by-being-human.shtml — Critical of Google’s closed nature

Those two are within the last week. I’m guessing this won’t be enough, but try again….

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