Facebook Sues Faceporn, Apparently Believing It Owns The Words Face & Book

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Earlier this year we covered how Facebook was suing a site called Teachbook.com, claiming that any social network that ended in “book” was infringing on its trademarks. It’s continued to do so, with at least a threat against the site Placebook. Of course, it seems that it’s not only the “book” that Facebook claims ownership of, but the “face” part as well. Reader marak was the first of a few of you to point to the news that Facebook is suing the site Faceporn for trademark infringement (the article says copyright, but I’m pretty sure it means trademark — isn’t a publication like PC Mag suposed to understand the difference?).

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Comments on “Facebook Sues Faceporn, Apparently Believing It Owns The Words Face & Book”

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Anonymous Coward says:

Look and Feel

Well, the suit is about more than just the name. Faceporn has the blue bar, and has the general look and feel of the Facebook website. According to the exhibits filed with the complaint. Also interesting, the lead attorney for Facebook posted his own facebook page as an exhibit (page 56 of the 62-page document). The personalized ads he got? One was for a deposition service. OK, fine, but the second was titled “Are You Pregnant?” Did he just out himself (and his wife)?

Laurel L. Russwurm (profile) says:

there ARE other body parts

Now that facebook has given them such great publicity, all they need do is replace “face” with the common name for any other body part. Then they too can trademark it. Down the road they’ll be able to sue (or if IP law continues getting more demented) arrest all those trademark infringers using their trademarked name in school playgrounds around the world.

By seriously, why should any company be given any kind of monopoly on a word? Words are part of our common language and a common culture.

Mike says:

It’s justifiable if a significant portion of people associate the name “FacePorn” with “FaceBook”. I think of FaceBook when I hear FacePorn.

I’m actually surprised such a simple concept is being missed by so many people. But hey, that’s why I usually read the articles on TechSoil, another site that has absolutely no infringement on this one.

marak (profile) says:

Im sure if we sit down we can find a dozen different sites with the word book after some random title. And yay got a story posted πŸ˜›

Seriously though, who the hell do they think they are? Does anyone have a link to those pictures? The one’s showing the sites are similar?

And harking back to sesame street reference, does that mean the colour blue is out from their line up now as well?

Or perhaps facebook now has the copyright monster? *nom nom nom*

Anonymous Coward says:


right – Mike good with the sensationalist cherry picking from TFA, missed the next paragraph:

Facebook said that Faceporn ” blatantly copied the Facebook logo, site, and Wall trademark,” said court documents. In screen shots included with the court filings, Faceporn does have elements that are similar to Facebook such as a Wall and a blue and white design. Although users can’t poke one another, they can “send a flirt.”

Anonymous Coward says:

What a daft standard

Really? A look and feel is enough to make one think “the companies might be affiliated?”
I remember a billboard ad ages ago in London. Arty black and white pic of Gabriella Sabatini (women’s vollyball player… probably why I remember), sweaty with ball under arm on left of poster, block text on right “The shirt only gets wet from the inside” with Nike swoosh logo on the middle of the text. On double sites this was often paired with a Mum (roll-on deodorant) ad in identical style next to it – Black and white pic of Mum roll-n, Mum logo and text “Not if WE have anything to do with it”.

Now probably it was an agreed deal and likely the same ad agency did both, but did it in any way make me think Nike and Mum were affiliated? Not in the slightest, it just struck me as a very clever piece of advertising – almost enough to make me think about using Mum deodorant.

F*ckwits though many think Facebook might be, seriously? Oh look, Facebook have started doing porn? Or if you made the connection would you simply assume it was a parody at worst and move on?

And yes I think this could be seen as a cunning innovative strategy for marketing. Perhaps Ms. Streisand should patent it… probably enough meat there for a patent these days don’t you think?

Anonymous Coward says:

Re: Re: What a daft standard

Do you think Facebook is too smart to get into porn, or too stupid?

*grin* couldn’t possibly comment. Although I assume if they did it’d go 1 of 3 ways:
1. They’d do it within the facebook brand
2. They’d create a different brand but it’s advertising would be all over facebook
3. They’d create a different brand and go out of their way to ensure that it had no links or styles or anything whatsoever in common with facebook

For that reason a glance suggests to me immediately it’s nothing to do with them. Unless it’s a double-bluff!

Josh Taylor says:

“Face” and “Book” are generic words. Look how the Sci-Fi Channel changed its’ name to Syfy, Facebook should do that too.

This lawsuit over trademarking a generic words needs to be turned down.

If the letters of the alphabet were to be trademarked, we will be forced to have a full frontal lobotomy and become like zombies.

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