Court Lets Amazon Protect Customer Purchase Info In North Carolina

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While Amazon was receiving a giant bill from Texas for not collecting sales tax, it had a good day concerning a similar issue in North Carolina. As you may recall, the state of North Carolina was demanding that Amazon tell it about every purchase made by a North Carolina resident, so that it could go after each of them for sales tax. Amazon already provided a ton of info to the state, including the date and price of each transaction, along with the city, county and zip code to which the order was shipped, along with the product codes identifying the products ordered. Basically, Amazon is already handing over the details of everything you purchase — except your name and address. Except North Carolina wanted that too, which seemed like an even bigger privacy violation.

Thankfully, a district court judge has ruled against the state, noting that it has “no legitimate need” for the info — though, did leave open the possibility that a “narrower” request for info could be legal. Of course, to some of us, it seems like Amazon is already turning over way too much info. What people buy in a state is not the state government’s business.

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Comments on “Court Lets Amazon Protect Customer Purchase Info In North Carolina”

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Ben says:

Colorado's law will be next?

Colorado recently passed a law that requires (and other >$100K in CO online retailers) to supply them with a report with on every name/address/total purchased at the end of each year.

Imagine if every state passed a law like that – but all of them slightly different. You’d need a team of lawyers to figure it all out and keep current on the latest bullshit. Coincidentally, the founders seem to have thought of this and gave only the federal government jurisdiction over insterstate commerce.

But honestly, most of us just don’t want to pay sales tax.

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