University Told It Can't Sanction Students For Their Facebook Comments

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Last year we had a discussion about some students at the University of Calgary, who were put on probation for making some comments about a professor on Facebook. Apparently, the students went to court to protest this move and said that such a move violated the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedom. It seems a court agreed. Michael Geist points us to the news that the court has said that sanctioning the students based on Facebook comments is a violation of the Charter. The University had argued that the comments were defamation (when they looked more like a general opinion) and that it was not subject to the Charter. The court absolutely disagreed. Nice to see free speech being respected.

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Comments on “University Told It Can't Sanction Students For Their Facebook Comments”

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Del Boy says:

Unless the dude was a total c*$%

Using social websites to post negavtive or just diss someone is not really what there for.

I would judge the morals of the poster against the person they are diss’in.

It is a sort of cyber bullying, harrasment that has dogged social websites since they became popular, and a practice that well is cowardly.
Say what you think to their face & not to their facebook.

Any Mouse says:

Re: Re: Hmmm.

Yes. The morals of the poster. I wonder what exactly is immoral about discussing opinion online with your friends. And oh, look at that! Kids in college, myself. Well, your point wasn’t made. This is an expression of their rights, and unless the comments were truly defamatory (they weren’t), there’s no call to drag them to court. That, sir, is the truly cowardly act. Going up to a tenured professor and asking to discuss their attitude is absolute idiocy.

Atkray (profile) says:

Re: Freedom

Count yourself very lucky if you only have one.

I think there would be less cyber bullying if the kids in grade school were permitted to work out their social problems on the playground.

….bully beats up a few kids, kids learn to leave bully alone…bully gets too big for his britches….new bully comes to the school or a group of kids works together or that one shy cute girl… gives bully a good beating out by the back gate…..

Even the kids that just watch learn invaluable lessons.

Of course now days you would need a secure campus so that kids just used their fists and didn’t bring their parents stub nose to school.

Bengie says:


When I went to college, we had a questionnaire at the end of the term to fill out about the teacher what what we thought about them.

I’ve seen teachers who have been at the Uni for 20+ years get put on academic probation for low scores from their students.

They were taken off of research and given shitty remedial classes to get their student evaluations back up.

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