Sarkozy: We Must Regulate The Internet To Ensure Freedom

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French President Nicolas Sarkozy has some weird ideas about the internet. The original champion of “three strikes” laws, which are now in place in France, he’s defended such laws as defending freedom. That seems odd: kicking people off the internet defends freedom? It appears now that he’s got “three strikes” in place, he wants to take that idea even further. He’s talking up the importance of further regulating the internet, calling it a moral imperative, and that without correcting “the excesses and abuses” there is “no economy,” “no life in society,” and “no freedom.” Yes, his message appears to be that, to give you freedom online, we must first take away your freedom online. Sarkozy has, in the past, advocated taxing Google, Yahoo and Microsoft, and giving that money directly to record labels. So, once again, it certainly appears that when Sarkozy means “freedom” he really means “freedom” for a few entrenched businesses (including one that his wife is heavily involved in) to keep their business models going “free” of competition and “free” from having to adapt to modern technologies.

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Comments on “Sarkozy: We Must Regulate The Internet To Ensure Freedom”

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sarkozy is actually gay says:

this guy will get shot if he keeps this up

apathy for the past more like apathy to make mistakes of the past i do not hate or fer as you say “apathy” for history.

Those that do not remember it are doomed to relive it. AND just what has france given us , french fries….OH GEEE go away sarkozy and i bet sooner rather then later hes gone one way or other…

Del Boy says:

Crazy how this turned out

All the countries slagged off here, have seeded other nations, except the US which itself is full of european seeds. So everyone has guilty roots in some respect.

Crazy how this thread twisted, by the way peeps.

One world:- against the supression of freedom. Looks more like an excuse for a slagging match.

Dam you Sarkozy – look what you have done.

hmm says:


So the french government “taxes” microsoft, which in turn has pretty much three paths to take:

1) raise the price of windows/office etc, which has a bad knockon effect for french citizens AND businesses
2) stop developing french-language versions of their software (if you’re french you’ll need to IMPORT windows 7/office etc and learn a new language)
3) Complain direct to the EU parliament, and since you can’t unilaterally tax one person without taxing everyone else, either France would have to suffer an embarassing backdown, leave the EU or tax every single other software company at an equal rate to microsoft……crippling the french economy!

R. Miles (profile) says:

Did I wake from a coma?

When did France become a government state? I could have swore there was a democracy there.

What are the people doing, sitting around and scratching their collective asses?

I’m sure a few are probably polishing their guillotines right now, as their services are about to be required thanks to a repeat in history.

Not that it matters to me, honestly. I live in the United States and there’s no COICA’n way they’ll do what France does. Thank goodness.

hmm says:

Article 23:
1. The Community shall be based upon a customs union which shall cover all trade in goods and which shall involve the prohibition between Member States of customs duties on imports and exports and of all charges having equivalent effect, and the adoption of a common customs tariff in their relations with third countries.

Meaning France can’t just “go it alone”…for a special microsoft-tax to apply, every other nation would have to sign up to it also…so it’s an EU-wide or nothing proposition.

hmm says:

Article 25 also states no EU member is allowed to charge taxes between other EU members, so if Windows was imported from for example Germany or the UK then France isn’t allowed to add extra taxes (which would be an anti-competitive move).

Article 30 is also clear that no “arbitrary discrimination” or “disguised restriction” on trade between members is allowed.

RandomGuy (profile) says:

Get used to this, echoes of this story can be heard across an increasing number of Western nations (Australia and the US are two other examples, but expect a lot more in very near future).

While this can be looked at as a kickback for big content, that is essentially a side effect, as there are bigger issues at play. Stemming the free flow of information is vital for the oligarchy to maintain their positions. A coordinated, informed electorate is exactly the opposite of what the current crop of world leaders want.

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