Senators Make One Last Push For Bad Patent Reform That Will Make Problems Even Worse

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It looks like the same fate may be facing the latest attempt at patent reform that has befallen each and every previous attempt this decade: it will die out without ever being voted on. We had noted that this bill appeared to be stalled out earlier this year, and now the Senators behind it have been reduced to begging for a floor vote on the bill, which seems unlikely at this point. Of course, each year that patent reform gets introduced, it gets more and more watered down, making it worse and worse. Every patent reform bill introduced this decade has been bad — and would likely make the system worse — but at least there were a few good ideas included in some of them. Tragically, in the latest bill, even the few good ideas were removed. This is definitely a case where having the bill die out would be a good thing, though I’m sure the next round of reform proposals will probably be even worse (of course). At this point, there are just too many entrenched interests who have been exploiting the system (and, no, we’re not talking about the standard “trolls” here — as their political pull isn’t that strong) for too long to get any serious reform going. Instead, we’ll just watch as the problems of the existing system get worse and worse, hindering innovation, and ceding the US’s ability to compete on a global stage. It’s pretty sad to see this in action, but that’s what you get in a world where regulatory capture is the norm, and government granted monopolies are not seen as economically dangerous.

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Comments on “Senators Make One Last Push For Bad Patent Reform That Will Make Problems Even Worse”

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Anonymous Coward says:

Keep Damaging Your Economy, Americans

The Chinese have shown themselves wonderfully willing to engage in the delights of selective enforcement of IP laws. If the existence of American patent trolls end up making American manufactured goods uncompetitive with Chinese goods then manufacturing industry will continue moving to China. Try finding a TV made in USA these days. The same thing is happening for cars, ships and aircraft. What do you think the US economy is going to look like when America has lost pretty much all manufacturing capability?

The rest of the world will shed few tears when the mighty Americans get taken down a peg or two. How ironic to have that job done by American lawyers, with the American people helpless to do anything about it except get angry. Tea party anyone?

angry dude says:

Re: Keep Damaging Your Economy, Americans


Th 200-year old US patent system is one of the main reasons why America enjoyed such unprecedented prosperity

You know… all those inventors… Bell, Tesla, Edison, Wright brothers, Chester Carlson, Dean Kamen, etc, etc

Anything important invented in modern China ?

Read the back of you IPhone, punk (if you can afford one, which I doubt)

“Designed by Apple in California, assembled in China”

Rich says:

Re: Re: Keep Damaging Your Economy, Americans

A. The patent system made sense until recently. You know thats what this is about. Not those you just mentioned, but crooks like you. You just like sounding as if you’re arguing from traditional heritage. Most of those men would tell you to get lost.

B. Lot’s of things are invented in China, look at all the patents they grant every single day! Since, you think every right click patent is an invention, or is that only patent systems you get to game?

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