UK ISP Hits Back At U2's Manager For Claiming That ISPs Profit From File Sharing

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One of the more ridiculous claims, made by the music industry lately, is this idea that ISPs are somehow unfairly “profiting” from file sharing, and that’s the reason why they should be forced to act as the entertainment industry’s police. The argument makes no sense, but has become quite popular in certain circles. It was one of the many fallacious arguments made recently by U2’s manager Paul McGuinness in his quite silly screed blaming everyone but the recording industry for the industry’s problems. Thankfully, though, some people are speaking up. Both ZeroPaid and TorrentFreak point us to a blog post from ISP Entanet’s head of marketing, pointing out that this claim is not at all accurate:

Considering Mr. McGuinness proudly informs us he has been debating on this issue for two years, he seems to totally misunderstand the reasons behind broadband customers’ demand for better broadband speeds and equally doesn’t understand the current facilities available on the Internet. He asks “Do people want more bandwidth to speed up their e-mails or to download music and films as rapidly as possible?” Well, if he took the time to make an informed comment through proper research he’d see that, in reality, most broadband customers want to be better able to take advantage of ‘legal’ technologies such as online gaming, YouTube, iPlayer, iTunes, VoIP and a vast array of business oriented services that are currently available. It is simply naive to suggest that customers’ desire for faster broadband and more bandwidth is driven solely by a desire to cheat music rights holders out of their royalties through illegal file sharing. Furthermore, without legal services such as iTunes music sales would undeniably decrease. Does Mr. McGuinness want to close down this a distribution model that has proven to contribute positively to music sales? Talk about cutting your nose off to spite your face!

It’s great to see people who actually understand this stuff debunking McGuinness’ argument, though somehow I don’t see McGuinness ever responding reasonably to this point.

Realistically speaking, this is yet another example of the industry’s proclivity to overvalue the content and assume that any of the services or tools around the content are valueless. Similarly, it shows a very broadcast top-down view, assuming that the only reason people are using the internet is to download their content, rather than to communicate with one another. The internet is a communication platform much more than a broadcast medium, and the music industry still doesn’t seem to grasp that simple fact.

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Comments on “UK ISP Hits Back At U2's Manager For Claiming That ISPs Profit From File Sharing”

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Killer_Tofu (profile) says:

I would say

I would say I need my cable internet for downloading lots of songs, but I would be lying.

The reason I need the high speed is definitely for gaming. It is also why, even though I have a choice of Comcast or satellite I say I only have one choice. If I want to game I can only go with Comcast in my area. That is it. Anything else would remove the primary reason I get the high speed to begin with. Yes, there are plenty of other reasons I have high speed. It definitely saves time for everything else you can do on the net. Gaming is my number one cause for having cable though. If it wasn’t for that I would consider satellite, but the satellite in the area also has a crazy 5 or 10GB limit per month, in addition to its high latency.

Just not enough broadband options around here.

Anonymous Coward says:

Re: Re: I would say

I hated LPB’s. I remember playing on servers where you’d have an average player with 200-300ms and some random lpb with 10ms. You would suddenly die and about 2 seconds later see who killed you.

The funny thing is many lpbs really thought they were shit hot killing people with 10-30x their latency.

Richard (profile) says:

Re: in case

In case anyone hasn’t got the background for the above comment – Bono’s Wikipedia entry contains the following:
Bono and his bandmates were criticised in 2007 for moving part of their multi-million euro song catalogue from Ireland to Amsterdam six months before Ireland ended a tax exemption on musicians’ royalties.[16][45] Under Dutch tax law, bands are subject to low to non-existent tax rates.[16] U2’s manager, Paul McGuinness, stated that the arrangement is legal and customary and businesses often seek to minimise their tax burdens.[16] The move prompted criticisms in the Irish parliament.[46][47] The band later responded by stating that approximately 95% of their business took place outside Ireland, and that they were taxed globally because of this.[48] Bono was one of several super-rich figures whose tax arrangements were singled out for criticism in a report by the charity Christian Aid in 2008.[49]

ofb2632 (profile) says:


I PAID to download a new cd for my kid. If i did not have a decent internet speed, that would have never happened. I also know for a fact that i dont get to any kind of music store very often to by it thru the store. This is why we need good broadband speeds, to make everything consumer friendly, esp for those of us that hate going out into public.

Anonymous Coward says:

I’m a fool, and here I was thinking about telemedicine that is huge deal in developing countries was a factor.

Or to do some actual good work with GIS

Or to help science.

Or to help the government to make sense of their own data.

Or to use VoIP.

Or to have people work around the world in one cool project.

Or to listen to free legal music

Or to listen to books

Or to learn

Nope it is all about the MAFIAA and their greed, money, work and sorry ass, gosh how did I miss that?

Josef says:

Just a simple answer

This moron, McGuinness is living 10 years in the past. I might have been willing to buy his argument about needing more bandwidth for “stealing” content back then.

But the answer to his question “Do people want more bandwidth to speed up their e-mails or to download music and films as rapidly as possible? is both.

Maybe he doesn’t send video mail or large attachments, but there are a lot of us that do. Im sure he uses the phone all the time and has never heard of any of the IM clients that all seem to have voice and video now. I wonder if he can spell Skype. If he has kids, I would guess they don’t know what WoW is or own an Xbox.

As the ISP rep pointed out, there are tons of high bandwidth applications now. Someone should mention to McGuinness that IPTV tends to require a huge amount of bandwidth. I wonder how the RIAA is going to convince the ISPs to cut off their source of income with a 3 strikes rule.

Im wondering… If I get caught for downloading music illegally 3 times, should I then be banned from buying music?

KtmRiderUS says:

Hooray for Darren Farnden - Entanet

Well hooray for UK’s ISP Entanet Head of Marketing, Darren Farnden. He’s shown that he’s not afraid of Bono and also not afraid of promoting pornography online and putting his name to it.

Shame we can’t have ISP’s with this kind of honesty here in the US.

I guess pornography makes up a big part of internet traffic and of course, more internet traffic means more business for an ISP.

On the forum Mr Farnden, known as df_vtr, has been keen to show his passion for KTM motorcycles, introduce himself as Entanet Head of Marketing as well as express his love of young ladies, with tattoos and false breasts. He even went as far as sharing his huge private collection of images on the forum.

Well done Mr Farnden, I admire your honesty, bravery and hope other ISP’s will take note.

Roger Marshall says:

Entanet Head of Marketing posting pornography online

Entanet Head of Marketing posting pornography online

I find it quite shocking that someone in such a responsible position would behave in such a irresponsible and unprofessional manner.

Being Head of Marketing, you would assume Mr Farnden would be extremely careful how he conducted himself online, even in his private life. After all, he is employed by an IT company and should understand how the internet works.

If he really gets a kick out of this behaviour, then why not do it anonymously? Rather than revealing his name, job title and even providing a link to his company’s website.

WMCC UK says:

ISPA Awards 2019 Nomination - Internet Villain Award - Entanet

Congratulations CityFibre Entanet!

After careful consideration we have decided to nominate CityFibre Enatnet’s Head of Marketing for the 2019 ISPA Internet Villain Award.

Having uploaded hundreds of explicit pornographic images to our favourite motorcycle website and openly commenting on his sexual preferences, Mr Darren Farnden (aka DazF) has clearly displayed a complete lack of consideration or respect for any women or children visiting the website.

Mr Farnden also displayed a complete disregard for the reputation of Cityfibre Entanet or respect for his colleagues by using the same website to boast about his job title and post a link to Entanet’s website.

Considering Mr Farnden’s position, we’re sure you’ll agree his behaviour is shocking and inappropriate. Having tarnished the reputation of the industry he truly deserves the title of 2019 ISPA Internet Villain.

We look forward with anticipation to the ISPA Awards in July. On behalf of myself and the ladies at WMCC UK, we wish you the very best of luck.

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