Commodore Threatens Blogger For Being Skeptical About Its Amiga Plans

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Slashdot recently pointed us to the fact that OSNews received a legal threat from Commodore USA for publishing an article that was highly skeptical of Commodore’s Amiga plans. Slashdot focuses on the fact that the legal nastygram is obviously copied from, including odd formatting and references. While that part is amusing, I don’t think it’s that interesting. While there’s been some discussion about copyright on legal documents, in general, lawyers copy others’ legal language all the time, and it’s (mostly) considered to be okay.

What’s more interesting to me is the threat itself. It’s yet another case of someone getting upset about someone’s opinion, and thinking that threatening a defamation lawsuit is somehow a good idea, rather than one that simply draws a lot more attention to the content they don’t like. Just because someone says something you don’t like, it doesn’t mean it’s illegal.

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Comments on “Commodore Threatens Blogger For Being Skeptical About Its Amiga Plans”

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ECA (profile) says:

ya, know...

I waited along time to watch the Amiga come back.
And looking at what they are creating, I have contempt.

THIS system started out 15 years BEFORE MS, even thought of a good graphical interface.
Before MS DOS and windows had COLORS, Amiga had 256 TIMES as many colors..
With 512K..not a had better graphics and speed.

THEY were AHEAD of the game. and STOPPED. Then a graphic video company got ahold of it and made the Video toaster and Flyer.. WHICH even win 95 had problems doing.

NOW to start from scratch with 3 corps jumping all over it..

Fuzzface says:

Commodore's website

Just been to Commodore US website and i can confirm that i agree with the writer of the original article – The website is shoddy and amateurish. There is incorrect formatting on several pages. There is duplication of information on two of the pages directly accessable from the homepage. The site is almost completely non-interactive. This site could have been created on any kid’s home pc with very little effort. The designers and coders of this site should be ashamed of producing something this poor for such a well known brand name. Perhaps Commodore should direct their efforts into sending legal challenges to the website designers. For me, the Commodore’s own website is more damaging to the company than one small article(no offense intended)

Fuzzface says:

Ubuntu 9.10

Just found out that Ubuntu only support old versions of their OS for 18 months – unless its a long term support version (good idea Ubuntu – encourages people to upgrade) So the shipping version of Ubuntu from Commodore is only going to be supported for another 7 months or so. I make no comment about Commodore’s decision to shipp this version.

Kenny (user link) says:

Free speech and opinions

It’s a very interesting point – the bit about legal threats to bloggers that is.

I run a site called The Weekly Gripe and as the name suggests, posts somewhat opinionated articles and there’s also a moderated forum which can often end up in a heated debate.

On several occasions I have been threatened with legal action because of an opinion or a comment posted by a visitor. More often than not there’s no prior communication, can you please take this down etc. The first thing I hear is the threat of lawyers! As it happens I am very careful to make sure the material isn’t defamatory or libellous, yet the complaints still come in and I don’t think I’d be wrong in calling cyber-bullying. Yes, that’s probably the best description. Big sites and big companies (and some smaller companies) think they can push people around with legal threats knowing full well that the little guy doesn’t have the money to spend on lawyers.

I truly believe that the day of REAL free speech has come and gone and what we have left is a mediocre, censored diatribe. There are many articles sent to my that I would sorely love to publish but know I cannot.

DelBoy says:


Just had a look at the prices.

Highly competitive $1250 (NOT) for the equivalent of an entry level PC or Notebook – but without the monitor & other little touches like the ability to clock & customize.

I want a gold case & diamond keys for that price.

lol, Can’t see how Commodore could afford a decent lawyer – can’t imagine these things flying off the shelves.
Probably the reason why about $1 was spent on the website.

I don’t think the blogger has anything to worry about.

Thats my 2 cents, so sue me!.

Krubuntu (profile) says:

Is this a joke???

Is that really their site? It’s horrific! I searched for their international site and all that came up was and, both of which have Under Construction images that 1998 wants back. NO ONE is going to take them seriously with the way that site stands.
It frustrates me as the C64 was my first machine and I wouldn’t have gotten interested in computers with out that thing, and now they’re attempting a comeback with site that looks like it was created using Tripod’s HTML editor for WEB TV!?

On a positive note, the devices are pretty.

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