Righthaven Sues Senate Candidate Sharron Angle

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After Righthaven kicked off its mass lawsuits against various websites for reposting some parts of Las Vegas Review Journal articles, some folks wondered if Righthaven would sue US Senate candidate Sharron Angle, since she appeared to be reposting parts of some LVRJ stories on the campaign website. And, it took a little while, but late last week, Sharron Angle was, in fact, sued for copyright infringement over posting those LVRJ articles. Apparently, with Angle, Righthaven is claiming two separate copyrights, and demanding $150,000 — twice its normal request for $75,000.

Of course, what’s really ironic here is that Sharron Angle is the candidate we talked about back in July — claiming copyright infringement by Senator Harry Reid, who she’s challenging in the election, after Reid set up a clone site of Angle’s old website, which had some content Angle wanted to distance herself from. And when confronted on this issue, Angle insisted she would sue, though as far as I can tell, no lawsuit was ever actually filed.

So, it’s not as if Angle is any sort of champion for smarter copyright lawsuits. I’ve seen some people think that, because of this lawsuit by Righthaven, if she gets elected, perhaps she’ll speak up for better copyright laws, but that seems unlikely. Still, it is somewhat ironic that she was claiming copyright infringement by Reid, while at the very same time, taking chunks of the LVRJ — especially since Righthaven’s lawsuits were already ongoing at that point. I would imagine that Angle’s words at the time might come back to haunt her here:

“Well your website is like you, it’s your intellectual property,” Angle said. “So they can’t use something that’s yours, intellectual property, unless they pay you for it or get your permission… And he didn’t ask me for it, and he didn’t pay me for it.”

Still, with a lawsuit against someone so high profile, perhaps it will get more people paying attention to just how ridiculous Righthaven’s lawsuits have become.

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Comments on “Righthaven Sues Senate Candidate Sharron Angle”

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about a website

“Well your website is like you, it’s your intellectual property,” Angle said.

NO , it is you correct but you have the right to cut off the public form past the front page. I believe that if you want to use anything in part off a main page you should have the right especially when it is information based that human kind should know. It is after all a publication and unless your charging a paywall and just show a login and pass , it should be fair game. BLATANTLY copying and making a duplicate of the entire site is different ball a wax and again if your doing a parody i see no issue.

Even a whole copy people will ask where is the original, so you get FREE ADVERTISING.

this article is about lawyers and morons in a circle jerk sue off. Regular normal people do not act this way nor do they SUE or threaten to sue at every chance.

zegota (profile) says:


“I’ve seen some people think that, because of this lawsuit by Righthaven, if she gets elected, perhaps she’ll speak up for better copyright laws…”

AHAHAHAHA! Ahaha! Oh man! That’s good!

Seriously though, do you have a link to these “some people,” cause anyone who knows anything about Angle, and politicians in general, knows that is insane.

Gregg L. DesElms (profile) says:

Fair use, anyone?

It sounds like the candidate only used parts of LVRJ’s content, no?

If so, then why isn’t “fair use” anywhere in the discussion? Did her use of just parts of LVRJ content constitute “fair use?”

If so, then the candidate should let it go to trial and send out a message of her own.

Gregg L. DesElms
Napa, California USA
gregg at greggdeselms dot com

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